Monday, September 01, 2014

Blogging 101 - Things I wish I knew back then.

Next month I will have been blogging for two years which is completely crazy. Today I though I would write a post for all you lovely people that are thinking of/have just started to blog. I really hope you enjoy this post and if you have been blogging a while let me know what you wish you knew when you started. 

1. Appreciate comments. 

That person that comments on everyone of your posts comment on their posts too! Also don't ignore questions from a readers perspective it's one of the most infuriating things ever! 

2. Blue Tac will be your best friend.  

Ever wondered how bloggers always manage to get products to stay still no matter what surface they are on. We owe it all to blue tac! 

3. Blogging is hard work. 

You have to make time to photograph and to write it's not easy but it's super rewarding. 

4. You won't get thousand's of followers over night. 

This leads on nicely from my last point, you have to put the work in to the rewards end off. Bloggers work super hard to build up followers. 

5. You don't need to own every MAC lipstick made. Ever! 

This is one especially for beauty bloggers, Mac lipsticks are such a highly raved about product and I must admit I was embarrassed at first to admit I owned none. I mean come on past self they're just lipsticks. I'm perfectly happy with my little collection of four now.

6. You CAN blog on a budget.  

Just because you can't afford high end products DOES NOT mean you can't blog. Can't get the latest release that's fine as long as you are passionate out what your writing about you will be fine. 

7. It's ok to have no ideas. 

Bloggers block is something most bloggers will experience at least once, and the worst thing you can do is let it get you down as it just makes it worse. Take a break and soon enough your creative juices will begin to flow. 

8. Carry a notebook. 

Again leading on from my last point (Hey I'm getting good at this!) If you have an idea write it down and save those ideas up for when you have a little block, it really helps. 

9. You don't need an expensive DSLR. 

Just because your camera isn't the newest or the most expensive does not mean your photos will be bad quality. Every photo on this blog is taken using my point and shoot Nikon S2600 it's nothing fancy and doesn't have twelve million buttons but it gets the job done so what more would I want. 

10. Don't let your personality get lost.

And for my final point (I sounded a little like a magician there haha) Don't let your personality be drowned out by the pressure to produce perfect content I love nothing more than reading a post with some little thoughts in brackets like in this post (Shameless self promotion on my own blog Oh dear) produce amazing content but don't forget to be you at the same time! 

If you enjoyed this post let me know I might do a second one if you did!  


  1. Great post and some good points. I totally agree with the last point about not letting your personality getting lost.

    Pam @

  2. Very true! Especially 4 and 7 were tough for me to realise.

  3. Oh Gosh im glad you said 5! I think sometimes people cave to the pressure to buy things they dont have to and it is important to remember that even readers wont have loads of money to spend! X

  4. I never thought about the bluetack thing! Defiantly going to use that, and the last point is something I've realised I need to work on!

  5. Definitely agree that blogging is hard work, so admire daily bloggers when I struggle to do more than two a week! Great tip with the blue tak x

    Tilly Enn // A Beauty and Fashion Blog

  6. Great post, it made me feel better about not owning any mac lipsticks :)

  7. I really like this post! I definitely agree with all of it :) xx

    Mary Bloomy

  8. Such good points and blue tac really is our best friend!

    Ana Leote

  9. Wow, two years is pretty amazing! I'm slowly getting there. :P I wish I knew some of these points before starting as well! Blogging is definitely hard work!

    Olivia x Beauty from the Fjord

  10. Awesome tips! I'm only a few months into blogging, I appreciate you taking the time to share some great advice. Congrats to you! Best wishes!

  11. This is a great post, lots of great tips. No 10. is great the whole point of a blog is get your voice heard, right?
    I'd love to see another post like this.

  12. This post has really helped me as a new blogger! I would love you to do a few more like it, its almost like I a picking at your brain! Also congratulations on 2 years!

  13. Those are really, really good points! I wish I knew them when I was starting my blog. I´d just like to add one point to your list: connect with fellow bloggers through blogger chats on Twitter. I was blogging for 4 month without anyone reading my blog because I´d never heard of blogger chats.
    xx Lisa

    Following Lisa


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