Friday, September 05, 2014

Bella and bear eyelash curlers.

Bella and bear eyelash curlers £12.99* //Here//

Eyelash curlers are something I used to be so terrified of but I now use on a daily basis. I was super impressed with these they are really sturdy and I reckon they would face a full bashed about makeup bag with no problems. I find sometimes the handles on eyelash curlers can be to small for my ridiculously large sausage fingers! But these are really nice. I also like that the plastic on the handles make then a little comfier to hold. As for the actual lash curling these are the only curlers I've ever found that can get all of my lashes in one go as not only do I have abnormally large fingers I have eyes to match. So if you have little eyes you may have to be a little more careful. These curl the lashes nicely and I've found that my lashes keep the hold well throughout the day. 

Overall I'm super impressed with these lash curlers although I'm not sure I would recommend them to someone with small eyes! 

*PR sample all opinions are my own! 

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