Friday, September 12, 2014

Mac Lipstick collection

To some people my collection of mac lipsticks will be super small but to others owning four will be excessive. I'm really happy with all the shades in my collection so today I though I would share them with you! 

Creme Cup - 
I think this has to be one of the most hyped lipstick in the blogging world. A beautiful pinky nude with a sheeny finish, sometimes I find this one can be a little pale for me. The cremesheen formula means it has to built up but once the colour is there it looks beautiful. This one lasts about 3 hours before a reapplication is needed although it fades nice and evenly. 

Brick-O-La - 
I never hear anyone talk about this shade but it's just perfect for autumn, the deep terracotta shade works beautifully with pale skins and golden eye shades to create a very autumnal look. This shade is an amplified finish therefore it is very glossy, creamy and is super pigmented. I find this one lasts about 5 hours but it does tend to settle around the outside of the lips as it fades. 

Up the amp - 
I've honestly never seen a shade like this it is so beautiful. a very pinky purple it looks amazing in the summer. Again it is an amplified finish. I find this one to last for about 4 hours but I find it fades more evenly than Brick-O-La. This isn't one for the faint hearted but I highly suggest it if you are into bright lip colours. 

Rebel - 
My final Mac lipstick is another super hyped shade. I love this one for the autumn as it's the perfect mix of pink and purple creating a super gorgeous berry colour. The finish of this one is a satin which I find for me personally can be a little drying on the lips. As long as I pop some lip balm on it's fine. This one is definitely the worst out of the four for fading unevenly but with such a dark colour it's expected. 

From left to right - Brick-O-La - Creme cup - Up the amp - Rebel 

I really hope you enjoyed this post! 

I'd love for you to let me know what your favourite Mac lipstick are? 


  1. I love Up The Amp, it's like a deeper version of Snob and is a gorgeous lilac! x

    Cream Tea And Rose Jam // Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I only own one Mac lipstick, so your collection is quite big for me. I wish I´d own more of them as I love mine so much! Brick O La looks like such an amazing color!
    xx Lisa

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