Saturday, April 20, 2013

Seventeen mirror shine lipsticks.

Hello lovelies.
Recently I came to the conclusion that I don't need anymore lipsticks, so of course me being me went out and bought more because I'm really intelligent. So I thought i'd review them for you. I think these are probably some of the most hyped lip products in the blogging world I see so many peoples holy grail posts with the shade beehive in. So I had to pick some up! Enjoy! xx


Beehive has to be one of the most hyped products I've ever seen everyone and their dog seems to have this. I really love it to, its a sheer but buildable muted rosy pink. I can see this working on pretty much all skin tones.


I find this to be the sheerest of the three although its still quite buildable. This is a bright pinky coral and is practically summer in a tube.

Cheeky secret

and last but not least cheeky secret probably my favourite of the three. This is a gorgeous peachy orange colour and I really think i'm going to get a lot of wear out of it this spring.
I really love the packaging of these the mirror is so handy for on the go application and there so sleek and compact.
Overall I love these so much and I'm really considering getting more.
Seventeen mirror shine lipsticks are available from Boots for £4.79 each.



  1. I love 17 but have actually never tried any of their lipsticks! I might just have to give these a go! xx

    1. They are amazing it's well worth getting a few to try out xx

  2. LA and beehive are two beautiful colours, I definitely need to check out seventeen lipsticks

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  3. I love behive! LA looks gorgeous too :) lovely swatches xx

  4. I love the lasting fix lipsticks from 17, I find the mirror shine a little too sheer for me. The colours you chose are all fab! Ones I be drawn to when perusing the shelves of Boots.


    1. I do find them a little sheer but I really like them for more natural days xx

  5. These look lovely! Especially the last shade, might have to make a cheeky purchase since I don't need anymore lipsticks as well haha xx


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