Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Disapointing products

Hello lovelies,
so today I decided I would post about some disappointing products. Before I start I just want to say that if you love these products thats great,they just didn't work for me (due to colouring, texture, formula, skin type and so on). I don't want to seem like a negative ninny and I love loads of things from these brands. It's just these products didn't suit me.  Wow that was on hell of a disclaimer if you made it through that without complaining you have the patience of a saint! I'm at it again rambling on i'm going to stop now..... so on we go.......

The first two products I have to talk about are foundations I really dislike both of these. I had high hopes for the collection foundation as I love the concealer. For the first couple of days I loved it. The shade I bought is shade 2 ivory and at first I found it matched me. After using it for a couple of days I found it got darker and darker. After that I started to notice how badly it wore and found it started slipping off my face after 4 or 5 hours.

The other foundation is the essence stay all day foundation. I bought this on a whim while I was in germany and wore it for a full week blissfully unaware I looked like a umpa lumpa from charlie and the chocolate factory! Need I say more but if I did have to comment on the lasting power it clings to dry patches and slips off the oily patches.

Essence stay all day-Right
Collection lasting perfection-Left

The next product is the MUA mossaic blush in english rose. This is so pretty swatched I just doesnt transfer onto the cheeks. Swatched its a beautiful pinky coral with a slight shimmer, but all that tranfers onto the cheeks is shimmer. It makes a nice highlighter I just wish it was the colour I expected it to be!

Another disapointing product is the natural collection pressed powder. I'd herad so many good things about it; but I find it super cakey.

The next two products are so hyped about on youtube and I just think they're not that great. The first is the collection extreme 24hour felt tip liner. I love everything about this liner the colour the aplicator everything but the fact it smudges like crazy. If it does this on anyone else let me know. I end up with it half way down my face by the end of the day.
The second product I thinks overhyped are the MUA palettes. Dont get me wrong I like them but MUA'S single eyeshadows are so much better. They're creamier and blend so much better. I just don't understand why no one talks about them!

The final product is this lipstick by natural collection in the shade candy mist. This is the most awful shade on me ever!! It's a baby pink packed full of shimmer and it makes me look like a robot. Sorry I couldn't swatch it but I threw it out about a week ago (silly blogger). I just wanted to say I love natural collection lipsticks it was just me beng stupid buying a shade that looks ridiculous on me!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post if you have these products and get them to work for you let me know. I could end up loving them

I hope you all had an amazing easter



  1. very useful post thankyou! I personally love the Collection Extreme felt tip liner and haven't had any trouble with it smudging so it's a shame that you have had that problem;


    1. No worries lovely! Everyone else seems to love it I get so frustrated about it xxx

  2. Agree with you on the collection eyeliner, it also takes forever to take off x

    1. It does its a bit of a nightmare really xx


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