Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sale haullllll

Hey guys
I went shopping today planning on just having a look around and saving my christmas money, but then my mum told me we were going out for a meal and it kind of spiralled from there.
So the first place I went was boots and bought nothing!!!
I went in to have a look at the gift sets and there was literally nothing left apart from a load of sanctuary stuff that i'd got for christmas.

Therefore i went into superdrug to cheer myself up and came out with a complete bargain...
MUA  bronzed perfection  £3
MUA mega volume mascara £3
MUA the artiste collection FREE!!!
Next stop H&M
apologies for the side ways photo
£10 down from £19.99

£3 down from £7.99
Next i went to New look
another side ways picture sorry
£4 down from £7.99

£2 down from £3.99

I have no idea what this cost origionally as it was the last one in the shop and only had a sticker on it

the belt print

£2 down from £3.99
and last but not least primark!!!
and the last sideways photo
£3 down from £8

£5 down from £12

£3 down from £6
so thats it so much for saving my money.....
if any of you have got some great bargains link your posts bellow and I will check them out
Have a great weekend
Cole xoxox


  1. i love what you bough! especially the white blouse and the lace dress! :) awesome blog!

    I would appreciate it, if you visit my blog too!:)

    - happy new year ♥

  2. I used to be so obsessed with MUA's professional palettes when they came out I think I bought them all!


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