Friday, December 07, 2012

Blogmas day 7........... What do you think gives you the right to callme fat

Hey guys
So today's post is a little different before I start a little disclaimer I am in no way trying to got any attention or sympathy and if you don't want to read a post like this just click the x :)
Now I felt as if this post was needed these days the word fat seems to be the easiest way to hurt a girl it's thrown about in arguments and can cause some extreme mental pain. So I'm not a small girl I'm not huge but I'm not tiny i flutter between size 10 12 and 14. But one girl at my school seems to think different she dislikes me no idea why I've never even had a proper conversation with her, and she thinks she can call me what she wants! so here is a post to say if anyone ever calls you fat ignore them there just not worth it!
I hope this helps a lot
Stay safe cole xoxox


  1. Don't listen to her. People fluctuate in weight all the time. I know what its like, and people like us can change their weight (I am happy being a 12-14) but they can't change their mind, they are stuck with their useless brain, pity! So feel better and chin up


    1. thank you i understand but it just gets me so down now but im not going to let her win i actualy feel sorry for her thank you xxx

  2. loving your positivity in your post :) I used to feel awful about my weight as well while I was still in school and it affected everything. It was only after highschool I started feeling freer and started being who I was/am. Stay strong and be and find yourself, and dont let those words of someone you don't care for hold you back. :)


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