Tuesday, December 18, 2012

blogmas day 18...... MUA pro brow kit review

Hey guys 
Today I have  a quick review for you. This is the mua pro brow kit which retails for £3.50 in Superdrug. 

The packaging
I am not very impressed with the packaging it looks nice from the outside but I does not look it flips open so easily. When it was in my makeup bag it came open and golly it made a mess!!!

2 eyebrow shades and 1 highlight shade 

top row 
left-setting gel and right-highlight shade 
bottom row eyebrow shades 

Im going to break this down 

The gel
I hate this it does not dry and leaves your brows sticky and just a bit gross really! 

The highlight shade 
The highlight isn't much better it is so orange and looks a right mess when applied they would have been better going for an off white with a little shimmer.

The brow shades
These definitely make up for the other two products. They are lovely and soft and not to chalky once in the brows. For my brows I mix the two shades together. 

I don't think I would buy this product again for £3.50 it's an ok price, but in my opinion there should be a larger shade range as at the moment you can only buy it in 1 shade. I think this would be great for someone who just started filling in there brows but if you already do I suggest that you don't buy this one.

I hope you found this review helpful have a wonderful tuesday 
cole xoxox 


  1. I really need to do something (anything with my brows!) even a good threading session wouldn't go amiss. Doesn't sound too great, the gel sounds horrid, ew!


    1. It really is I put it on my brows once I wouldn't mind but it does absolutely nothing apart from make your brows all gross and sticky !!!! Xx

  2. The brow shades look great! It's a shame about the highlighter and gel, but overall it's not bad for £3.50!


    1. No it's just mua is usually so good I feel a bit let down ahaha xx

  3. Almost picked this up recently, glad I decided not to in the end after reading your review! xo

  4. Have been considering buying this for a while so I'm glad I read your post first! Will go for a Sleek one instead I think :) Really helpful post, I'm a new follower x


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