Thursday, October 05, 2017

Blogtober Day 5 - Indeed labs - Hydraluron and Nanoblur

Hydraluron* and Nanoblur*

I've been meaning to try the indeed labs range for such a long time now so when I was offered the opportunity to give some products a go I jumped at the chance. They sent over both their Hydraluron* which is a super intense hydrating serum and the Nanoblur* which really subtly blurs pores without feeling silicone like on the skin. I've actually been using this one as a primer as it just creates the perfect base for makeup on my dry skin as it both smooths and adds a little hydration. 

I've been reaching for hydralauron at night as it is incredibly hydrating however in no way is it greasy at all. Even though this packs a serious punch moisture wise I feel like it would work for any skin type as it is super lightweight. I feel like this definitely deals with dehydration of the skin rather than the actual dryness however combined with my usual serum and moisturiser it has done an incredible job of making my Sahara dry skin just a little more manageable. 

Nanoblur as I mentioned above is something I've been reaching for as a primer. I find it really helps to make pores appear reduced without the silicone feeling which I know some people really hate. Due to this one helping to improve signs of ageing it also offers a nice amount of hydration. I don't find this prolongs the wear of makeup however I just thing in general is helps it to sit better and also stops my skin drinking it up. 

I'd love to know what you have tried from Indeed?


  1. I haven't used Hydraluron in ages but used to love it! Nanoblur sounds great xx

  2. I think I've tried it pretty much all - at the moment I'm loving their sheet mask :) p.s your nails look amazing!

  3. Oooh thanks for posting this! I’ve had this product ages but never really knew what it was haha will give it a go x

  4. I tried hydraluron a while ago and loved it x

  5. Their hydraluron is so so good, I've been through loads of tubes x

  6. I really like Nanoblur such a good product x

  7. I have these and absolutely love them! They are so good! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  8. Ooh I’ve never tried anything from indeedlabs. I love the sound of the nano blur. My pores are so big in some places and sometimes quite impossible to blur so it sounds perfect x

  9. I haven't tried the nano blue yet but I've been loving the hydraluron!!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf


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