Tuesday, August 15, 2017

NYX Total control drop foundation

Okay so first off can we just appreciate how pale this foundation is. I am pretty sure this is the palest foundation I have ever seen in the drugstore. I was actually really impressed with the shade range of this one as it also goes pretty dark. This has to be one of the strangest foundations I have ever tried it is incredibly liquidy and when trying it for the first time I just expected it to completely disappear into the skin however I was actually really impressed with the coverage it offered. It has been marketed somewhat like the Cover FX drops with NYX suggesting to use one drop for a light, two for a medium and three for a complete full coverage.
Due to this being water based and me having dry skin I do find I need to use quite a lot of product as my skin almost seems to drink it up. I apply a drop to each cheek, the nose, the chin and the forehead and that for me gives me the light coverage. As I mentioned my skin does drink a lot of this product up meaning I definitely have to really build it up to get any coverage. After one drop on each part of my face I am left with a very light natural looking base however for me it just doesn't cover up redness enough. Due to the lack of oil in this foundation I do find that it doesn't sit the best on my skin and once I begin to build it up it does begin to cake around my nose.
I really like the packaging but I do find the pipette to be a bit awkward and as the foundation is so liquid-y it has a habit of dripping on the way from the bottle to the hand or face. That being said I do think it looks really cool and is definitely something that would look nice out on a dressing table.
The finish of this is fairly matte, I have to say I did expect it to do a little more glowy and natural however I could see it looking really beautiful and natural on a more normal or oily skin type. Lasting wise this does last really well without changing at all really on my skin however I feel like this is due to the fact that the minute I put it on it looks like I have had it on for hours as it skinks in and collects in any dry patches. Overall for my dry skin I am not the biggest fan of this however I feel that if you have a less dry skin type then you will really enjoy this.


  1. I really want to try this foundation. I've seen it in my local store, and need to pick it up. I'm glad you enjoyed it. http://www/mrsqbeauty.com

  2. Sorry this didn't work for you! I have oily skin, and didn't like the way this worked for my skin.

    xx, The Makeup Feed

  3. Its a shame this didn't work for you. I've been curious but I won't bother now. Plus that pipette would annoy me so much xxx


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