Friday, August 25, 2017

A few new bits from Essence.

 I have loved Essence products ever since I first went to Germany in 2012, I don't often get near a counter so when I had the opportunity recently I picked up a couple of new bits. Today I thought I would do some mini reviews of the new products as well as some which are just new additions to my collection.

So first off I picked up a couple of bits for the face. Starting off we have the Camoflage concealer which is a super high coverage liquid concealer. This is a little on the dry side and the texture reminds me a lot of the Nars Radiant creamy concealer. I am really enjoying this one so far, it isn't the best high coverage concealer I have tried but if you are on the look out for an incredibly high coverage super budget concealer I would definitely recommend them. Next up we have the luminous matt bronzer which is a super beautiful satin finish bronzer. This looks so gorgeous on the skin adding just enough bronze to make the skin look really beautiful and healthy. I would definitely recommend picking this up if you are on the lookout for a beautiful. The last thing I picked up for the face were two of their one pound blushes which are one of my favourite products from the drugstore. I picked up one of the matte shades and on of the satin shades. They are both so beautiful and I would definitely recommend them to anyone because they are so gorgeous and super affordable.

For the eyes I picked out the Volume stylist mascara which is a really beautiful lengthening and curling mascara. This definitely offers more volume than the normal mascara's I go for however I still don't think it is too intense for me. I also bought the Waterproof liquid liner as we were away at the time and I didn't pack a liner. This one isn't my favourite liner however for the price I didn't mind it at all. It isn't the blackest liner of all time however it does go on really nicely and the tip is super fine which means it's fairly easy to use.

Moving onto the lips I picked up two of the matte lip creams which are really beautiful. They have a very velvety formula similar to the NYX soft matte lip creams. I picked up a pale nude pink shade and a really deep red shade. These are very comfortable however they aren't long lasting due to the fact that they don't set down matte. I also picked up one of the Shine shine shine glosses which is incredibly glossy. I love the way this looks over nude shades and as it is so glossy it makes the lips look much plumper. The one thing is that it is an incredibly sticky gloss so it is definitely not one to wear with my hair down. Finally I picked up one of their matte lipsticks in a browny nude. This is more pink than the gloss however they make a really beautiful pairing.

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  1. I really enjoy Essence products. I've been using the Volume Curl mascara and really do like it. The Satin Love blushes are wonderful!


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