Wednesday, August 09, 2017

A boots beauty haul

So you know when you just splurge on makeup and it has just sort of happened! As i'm going to Uni in September (hopefully) I have been getting all of my beaut purchasing in as I know I am not going to have the spare cash to splash out on new beauty products.
First off I picked up more new foundations, if you are a regular reader you will know I am currently on the hunt for my perfect foundation. The first one I picked up was the super hyped Dior Forever foundation. After seeing Jamie Paige do a first impressions on this a couple of months ago and loving it I knew I had to give it a go as I always seem to love the foundations she loves. The next one I picked up was the YSL Touche ├ęclat foundation which is another one I have heard so much about especially from those with dry skin. The third and final foundation I picked up was the Smashbox Studio skin hydrating foundation which had such good reviews on the boots website.
Something which seems to be everywhere at the moment is the L'Oreal Paradise range. I picked up all three products, thus far I've tried the mascara and the brow pomade and really love them both. The mascara is beautifully lengthening and makes the lashes look like I've had extension's. The pomade is also really lovely, I decided on the shade Brunette which is pretty much the perfect match for me as it is a nice ashy toned deep brown. I find it to be incredibly easy to work with and I can definitely see myself reaching for it regularly. The only product from the line that I am yet to try is the Kohl which comes in even black and white. I decided on white as I just have a ridiculous amount of black liners in my collection. I feel like this is going to be perfect for an everyday basis as kohl's this shape are so easy to run along the lash line.
I got a couple of the new releases from NYX, the first being one of the Faux white liners in the shade Vanilla. This is a really pretty yellow toned white which is perfect to use alongside the warm eyeshadow looks I am always wearing. It does a fabulous job of ensuring that the red tones don't make the eyes look sore and has a really lovely creamy formula. It is definitely going to be one which I pick up more shades of. I have been lusting after the duochrome highlighters since they were released and I finally got round to picking up the shade snow rose which is the most beautiful white gold with a pink reflect. If anyone owns Makeup geek Mai Tai it is a very similar shade but obviously a little more subtle.
The final product I picked up from NYX was the eyebrow primer. I actually initially thought this was an eyeshadow primer which it most definitely isn't. That being said I really do like this product. It is kind of similar to a clear wax you would get in a brow palette. It does set hard in the brows however it does an incredible job of keeping on brow product and is perfect for someone like me who has quite large gaps in the brows. Finally I bought six of the shades of the brand new Rimmel matte liquid lips. I got quite a varied range of the shades from the palest nude to the deep navy. I am going to be putting up a review of these in the next couple of weeks so keep a look out for that to find out what shades I picked up!
That's it for today I would love to know if you have picked up any of these products recently! 


  1. I like the lash paradise but I find it a bit difficult to use on my inner eye. I want to try the Dior foundation, but it's so expensive! I hope you enjoy all your new items, and have a fantastic year at university!

  2. Lovely haul! You got some amazing stuff!

    xx, The Makeup Feed


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