Sunday, July 23, 2017

Jeffree star Summer collection review and swatches.

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was when I got the text to say this parcel had arrived. I know Jeffree star is most definitely a marmite kind of person there is no denying that he creates some insane liquid lipsticks. After his reveal video for the new collection I knew I wanted the vault as I love 7 out of 8 of the shades and I know I will wear the 7 incredibly often. You will probably already know which one I don't love and that is Venus fly trap however I will definitely be trying using it as a liner as it is a super funky colour. So without further ado I'm actually going to review these separately as the formula does definitely differ over the collection.
 First off we have the shade Butt Naked this is a beautiful peachy nude shade which reminds me a little of nude beach from last years summer collection just less pastel. For me I find this one to be a slight bit thicker than some of his other VLL however I still like the formula and don't find t drying at all.

Next up we have Calabasas which is one of my favourites from the collection. I will say that for me this definitely is a more autumnal shade however I have still worn it multiple times already. It is a stunning medium berry shade and has a very thin formula which lasts an insane amount of time without feeling dry.

Next up is Venus Flytrap which is definitely the out there colour of the collection. I found this one didn't apply the best and looked a little streaky on the lips. Not only was the formula not favourite this shade makes me look like I've died and that's just not the look I want.

The fourth shade is Family Jewels which is a stunning deep berry toned brown. Again like Calabasas I wouldn't have put this shade in a summer collection as for me it is definitely a more autumn inspired colour. The formula of this however is so beautiful again it has the incredibly thin pretty much instant drying effect which Jeffree's lipstick are praised for.

Butt Naked, Calabasas, Venus Flytrap, Family jewels, Hunty, You Better work, Flamboyant, Candy ass.
Hunty is the other nude shade in the collection, it is much less peach and more orange than Butt Naked meaning it is a little darker. Out of the whole collection I would say that this one is my current favourite shade. This again has a slightly thicker formula but that means it looks flawless with just one dip into the tube for product.
I feel like You Better Work is definitely the most hyped shade out of this collection. It is the most stunning bright pink toned purple shade which pretty much looks neon on the lips. The only issue I have with this one is that the formula is a little on the dry side. As long as the lips are well prepped there is no issues however for me on my dry lips re-application is a no go. I need to completely remove and then reapply.
Finally moving onto the metallic shades in the collection we have Flamboyant which is a gorgeous pinky coral which a slight metallic sheen, once on the lips it reflects a stunning gold sheen and I just think it is the most perfect summer lip colour. This formula is more on the mousse side meaning it is incredibly comfortable to wear. The shimmer is also nice and fine meaning it doesn't feel gritty on the lips which is the one thing I dislike about metallic lip shades.
The final shade is Candy Ass  which is a gorgeous rose gold metallic. This definitely has much larger shimmer particles in it that Flamboyant however these are still fine enough not to be irritating. I am so in love with this shade however it definitely needs a lip liner underneath as most metallic shades do. Again  the formula is very similar to the other metallic however this one doesn't really set at all and remains moveable on the lips.
So that's it for today, I'd love to know what your favourite shade from the collection is?

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