Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Benefit Dandelion twinkle - The perfect subtle highlighter.

So I do love a good intense highlight however for me it's not something I wear everyday. I loved the sound of this product as it had the word twinkle in it I figured it would be beautifully glowy and I was right. It is a stunning subtle pinky shade which just adds a little bit of a glow to the skin. It is perfect on my pale skin as it doesn't show up any colour which is one of my pet peves when it comes to highlighting my super pale skin. It does have various sized particles of shimmer however it isn't a case of larger bits showing up obviously on the skin. As always with the Benefit boxed powders it is in the thick cardboard packaging which isn't ideal but as long as you don't spill water on it isn't too bad. I also really love the design I just thing the metallic pink and the dandelion just looks super cute.
I think if you are looking for a subtle pink highlight for more everyday wear this would be perfect and I would definitely recommend giving it a go. I'd love to know what your favourite everyday highlights are!  

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