Saturday, July 01, 2017

Everyday Brow routine

I am a strong brow gal so today I thought I would show you my everyday brow products, now I'm going to apologise for the photo below because my dip brow is looking.... well loved to say the least.
So first off I start with my Dipbrow which is in the shade Medium brown, I love this product and so many other people do to. It is perfect for getting a really bold brow but can also be toned down massively to create a more natural looking brow. This shade is perfect for me as it is a nice ashy brown, this is a really nice long lasting product and is completely weather proof. That being said I do like to top the pomade with a little powder just on the arch as I have to sculpt this in as the hair is pretty sparse. I have been using the Freedom brow powder in Ash brown which is a really grey toned brown. This is perfect to just set the pomade in place where there isn't much hair for it to grab onto.
To set the brows I have been using Gimme brow as per usual. This is my 3rd tube of this stuff as I just can't find anything which compares to it. It sets the brows in place whilst adding a little bit of volume and making them look more realistic. Finally on the everyday I use a little satin shadow from catrice to go under my brow. I don't tend to carve my brows out with concealer unless it's a special occasion so just stick to a little bit of cream just to make the brow pop a little.
So that's it for today, what do you use on your brows?

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