Sunday, October 30, 2016

Joan Collins Timeless beauty - Body polish and skin treat spray.

I haven't heard a lot about the Joan Collins beauty range so when I was offered the opportunity to try some products I jumped at the chance. I have to be 100% honest I didn't know the line contained anything but makeup so when I received some skin/body care bits I was a little shocked however I've got on really well with both products.
First off I'm going to talk about the I am woman Dry body oil polish £18.00*. I'm not usually a fan of body scrubs that are dry as I find they are really messy however because this one is so effective I don't mind too much. I have pretty bad eczema which makes my legs very sensitive so I find a lot of body scrubs flare it up however this one didn't. It has a really nice balance between scrub and moisture. I find it works so well to remove tan as it is quite a heavy scrub. I also find that when I use it my skin not only feels healthier but it definitely helps to give it a little bit of life and make it more glowy.
  My favourite product out of the two is the Ten effects Skin treat spray and makeup fixer £20.00* this claims to have 10 benefits to the skin and I will say some seem a little far fetched. Like the fact that it will apparently minimise pores however I do really like it. I do find that the spray is pretty thick so it does feel a lot wetter on the face than a lot of other setting sprays I have tried however it does a beautiful job of taking away any dryness and adding a little hydration to the skin. I think having dry skin this is perfect for me however I'm not sure how it would fare and whether it would add too much moisture to the skin. I'm not sure it particularly prolongs how long my makeup lasts however it does a really lovely job of making my makeup sit nicely. 

Overall I am really impressed with these two products and I'm definitely going to be looking into more of the range. 

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