Friday, October 07, 2016

A few recent beauty purchases


I swear I am going to stop buying stuff now, I've made a promise to myself that all I am going to buy beauty wise from now till Christmas is things to go in my Christmas gift guide. So today I thought I would show you the final haul until after Christmas.
First off I picked up the John Frieda Radiant red shampoo and conditioner. I have finally dyed my hair back red after having wanted too forever so I picked up this in the hope that it will keep the colour looking vibrant for a little longer. Also from John Frieda I picked up the Frizz ease serum. The shampoo and conditioner were on three for two so I thought I would pick this up and see if it can tame my super frizzy hair. Next up I went to The Body shop as my favourite moisturizer is almost finished turns out they were also on three for two so not only did I pick up the Vitamin E Intense moisturizer I also picked up the Aqua boost sorbet and the Hydrating toner water.
Also at the till in the body shop the lady (who was so lovely) Showed me the new Matte lip creams which were also on three for two so of course I had to pick up three shades, I'm actually wearing one now and I am definitely impressed. I'll be popping up a full review in a couple of weeks but so far I am really loving them. I knew the minute the new sleek highlighting palette began to pop up on blogs I wanted it and was actually really shocked to find it in stock in my local Superdrug. Sleek was actually on two for twelve pounds so I also picked up the Storm palette which is something I've wanted for such a long time. Finally there is now a NYX in my local boots so I had to pick up a couple of bits. I picked up another of the Prismatic shadows, this one is Firestorm which is an incredible burnt orangey colour which is perfect for the autumn. I then also picked up two new liquid liners, the first is the White liquid liner which is something I have wanted for a while. I then also picked up the Vivid brights liner in Vivid fire which is a bright red liner which I feel like is going to be perfect for Halloween.

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  1. The Sleek highlighting palettes are SO good - and 2 for £12 is such good value for the brand :)

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx


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