Monday, September 26, 2016

Sleek Limited edition On the Horizon Review and Tutorial

So I am rubbish and forgot to put this up when the video went up so I am sorry about that however today I have my final Sleek post for you. I think this has to be my favourite out of the three as it has the beautiful orange shades so without further ado lets get on with the review.

Bonfire - Shimmer
Oh this shade is just incredible. It's a beautiful orange shade with gold running through it. This is the kind of shade I've been reaching for on a regular basis at the moment and I really would recommend it.
Sugar Maple - Shimmer
This is one of those super pretty browny pink shades, it makes a really beautiful all over the lid colour as well as a very subtle highlight shade.
Beech - Matte
Beech is just a good all round transition shade, I feel like sometimes the sleek palettes can lack a good transition colour however I really like this one. It is a very pale cream however so it isn't going to work for all skin tones.
Moss - Shimmer
A really pretty khaki green shade with a metallic finish, I'm not sure how much I will use this one but it is beautiful.
Raindrop - Shimmer
A teal shade with lots of silver shimmer, this one looks stunning all over the lid with a darker blue in the crease.
Dawn - Shimmer
An almost navy royal blue with a very slight green undertone. This one looks incredible as a pop of colour under the eyes
Chestnut - Shimmer
A very dark rich chocolate brown with a silver shimmer. This is just a good bog standard crease shade.
Harvest Moon - Semi Matte
Warm coral orange with a slight shimmer, once on the eye however this looks completely matte.
Fawn - Shimmer
A light gold shade with lots of shimmer, this one does take quite a bit of building however the end result is stunning.
Willow - Semi Matte
Avery deep green shade with an almost completely matte finish this one pairs beautifully with a gold shade on the lid.
Dew drop - Shimmer
A pinky champagne shade, like sugar maple it looks beautiful as a highlight as well as a lid shade.
Pinecone - Shimmer
A pinky medium brown shade, this one looks beautiful in the crease of dew drop or sugar maple for a subtle shadow.

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