Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sleek Limited edition Goodnight sweetheart Review and Tutorial

So over the next week I thought I would show you the three new limited edition palettes from Sleek, not only am I going to be reviewing each palette with shade by shade rundown but I'm also going to be doing a video tutorial using each palette which will be at the bottom of the post. So without further ado lets get on and talk about the first of the three palettes.
Goodnight sweetheart is a very warm pinky toned palette which contains two matte shades and ten shimmer, as with all Sleek palettes the shadows are beautifully consistent in pigment and texture. I feel like this is the perfect winter palette and definitely the best out of the three for neutral lovers. For my tastes personally I do think this palette lacks a lighter matte transition shade and a lighter lid shade.

Follows swatches from left to right...
Seduction - Shimmer
A grey toned brown with a fair sprinkling of silver shimmer, I feel like this is the perfect shade for the base of a slightly different smokey eye. It does have a lot of shimmer which won't be to everyone's taste but personally I really love it.
Velvet wrap - Shimmer
I think this one is my favourite shade out of the whole palette, it is an absolutely stunning metallic pink shade It looks a lot more pink in the swatch as it looks more of a burgundy in the pan but I can't wait to use this one as a base for a pinky smokey eye.
Romance - Matte

This one is the first of the two mattes in the palette, it is a very dark purple which is incredibly creamy and blends so well for such a dark matte shade.
Lingerie - Shimmer

A champagne gold shimmer which makes the most stunning brow and inner corner highlight. The shimmer in the is so beautifully finely milled which is a massive problem I have with some highlights so it really hits the nail on the head.
Dusk - Shimmer

This one looks like your bog standard shimmery brown in the pan however when it's swatched it's much more of a pinky brown and I would definitely say it has a slight duo-chrome to it.
L.O.V.E - Shimmer

This shade is a fairly bright rosy pink shade with lots of silver shimmer which looks stunning all over the lid with one of the darker colours from the palette in the crease.

Again from left to right...
By the fireside - Shimmer
This is definitely the warmest shade in the palette, it's a beautiful warm pink shade which again has a fair amount of silver shimmer.
Hold me tight - Matte
A matte very cool toned brown with a very heavy grey undertone. This would look beautiful paired with another of the cooler toned browns however I do kind of wish it was a lighter pink transition shade somewhere along the lines of Makeup geek Cupcake.
Sweet dreams - Shimmer
Again this is another one that looks fairly boring in the pan however in the swatch it comes out as a beautiful cool toned purple/pink shade which can be really sheered out for a lid shade and really built up for a crease shade.
Love is in the air - Shimmer
This shade has much less pink in it than Sweet dreams, it is a medium purple shade which I am so in love with as I am loving purple shadows at the moment.
Snuggle - Shimmer
I was so confused by this shadow at first as I thought it was a green as that is what it looks like in the pan however once swatched it is a stunning blue brown shade and I am so in love with it. It's incredibly metallic and I am honestly obsessed.
Sleeping beauty - Semi-matte
 The final shade in this palette is another very cool toned shade, it is a grey taupe colour with a slight silver shimmer however once on the lid it is almost completely undetectable.

Overall I really like this palette, it's not one I'm going to reach for all the time as I am more of a fan of my warm toned shades however I will still get some use out of it. I really hope you enjoyed this and don't forget to check out the tutorial if you want to see me create a look with this!

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