Friday, September 23, 2016

Sleek Limited edition Nordic skies Review and Tutorial

Not only is this a video I am super happy with anyway I am even more chuffed that it's a collab so don't forget to watch the video after reading this post. Today I have the second of my Sleek limited edition palettes for you, I'm going to be honest this was the one I thought I'd get the least wear out of as I felt like it was a little bit of a mismatch of shades. That being said the more I have used it the more I've realised that the shades do work well together even though they don't look like they would! So without further ado lets get on with today's review.

Eskimo kiss - Shimmer
This is a stunning white silver colour which not only makes the most incredible super intense highlight but also look beautiful all over the lid with Blue moon in the crease for a super frosty eye look.
Moonshine - Shimmer
The perfect basic white gold highlight, this one isn't as intense as Eskimo kiss so it's definitely more suited for an everyday basis.
Polar night - Matte
This is the darkest shade out of this palette, it's a matte quite cool brown which means it works beautifully paired with the blues and corals in this palette
Crystallised - Shimmer
The lighter of the two blues in the palette, this is a very frosted blue shade which makes a stunning lid shade with either the darker blue from this palette or a brighter blue.
First light  - Matte
I absolutely love this shade and I feel like it is exactly the shade that is missing from the Goodnight sweetheart palette. It's a stunning matte rosy pink which not only makes a brilliant transition shade for a pink eye look but also makes a beautiful crease shade when I use some of the lighter shades out of this palette.
Purple haze - Shimmer
I'm going to be honest i'm not really sure what to do with this shade but I also kind of love it, it's a very pale lilac with silver shimmer. I have tried it as a highlight which I like but I really do want to try and incorporate it into a proper look so if you have any suggestions leave them below.

Ocean mist - Shimmer
 Ocean mist is a stunning mint green with silver shimmer. I thought the coverage on the lid of this one might not have been great but infact it is actually really opaque.
Supernova - Shimmer
This one is another fab lid shade it is a really beautiful corally shade with a slightly metallic finish, this reminds me a lot of a more toned down version of NYX's Prismatic shadow in Golden peach.
Ski Breeze - Matte
This shade is the most incredible pinky grey transition shade, I have definitely used this one the most as it also makes a beautiful crease shade on a super pale eye.
Rose glow - Shimmer
This is such a pretty pinky champagne shade which look gorgeous with Ski breeze in the crease. It just creates the most stunning really natural eye look.
Eclipse - Matte
This is the basic brown shade in the palette it's a medium warm slightly yellow toned brown. This is another really nice shade for a very natural eye look.
Blue moon - Shimmer
The final shade in the palette is a stunning silvery blue shade which looks stunning in the crease of Crystallised.

So that's it for today, don't forget to check out the video and come back on Sunday for another one!


  1. I love sleek palettes, so this is definitely one I need to try out! :)

    Lotte |

  2. I have never tried their palettes. The swatches look so pretty. Great post x

  3. I love how subtle this palette is =]

  4. Congratulations on your colab! I love the Nordic countries so really wanted to get this but I just don't think I would use the colours, pretty as they are. Seeing the real swatches is swaying me though, it's just so pretty! - Amy x

  5. Special colours. Interesting palette :)


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