Saturday, March 12, 2016

Life ¦ Lessons from Auschwitz

So on the 2nd of March I had the opportunity of a life time to travel to Poland and visit Auschwitz concentration camp with the Lessons from Auschwitz programme. So at half past two on the second of March me and my friend Anna set off headed for east midlands airport for one of the most unforgettable days of our lives. We visited two of the three sites to Auschwitz, Auschwitz one which is more like a museum and the buildings have all been converted and are filled with pictures and information and the we also visited Auschwitz Birkenau which the buildings are how they were. Then at the end of the day we had the most beautiful memorial ceremony in which we laid candles along the track into Birkenau.  I think I'd have to describe the camps as the more eerily interesting places I have ever been.  
With being an A-level history student I found it so incredibly interesting to be able to learn all about how things were run at the camp and I feel like it is incredibly important to not forget what happened during the war and how many people were killed. Today I've decided to share some of my photos from the day as I am actually really proud of them. So I really hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and I'd love to know if anyone had ever visited Auschwitz and what your experience was like.

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  1. Great photos from such a horrible place. Has to be the most sombre experience I've ever had, and seeing this post has brought the memories straight back. Everyone needs to have the opportunity to go there and make sure a repeat will never ever have the chance of happening again. If you want, you can take a look at my blog post on it:



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