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Beauty ¦ The brow roundup

I have recently become a little addicted to buying brow products so today I thought I would show you a little roundup of all the brow products I've got in my collection and do some little mini reviews for you. I've actually split the products into two sections so we have pencils and then setting, gels and creams. I really hope you guys enjoy this post and if you have any brow recommendations I'd love for you to leave the in the comments.

Starting off with pencils these are the ones I currently have in my collection.

Mua Power Brow pencil and Highlight £3

This is the cheapest and my least favourite pencil in the line up. It is in no way a bad product however out of the four it is the one I reach for the least. The formula is quite waxy and I find the nib for me personally is a little thick as I like to have lots of control. The colour isn't to bad it's quite a cool toned brown which is something I tend to look for in a brow shade. I don't really get the point of the highlight as it seems to just completely disappear when you even go near it to blend it.

Soap and Glory Brow archery tint and pencil £10

This such a hyped product and I couldn't wait to try it and I have to say I am as impressed as I hoped I would be. The one gripe I do have with this product is the shade. I picked up the shade Brownie points which is the darker of the two and it is no way near a medium-dark brown colour. I feel like people with dark blonde hair might even be able to use this shade, because of this I don't reach for it all the time however it is really lovely for days when I want my brows to look a little more natural and I really am impressed with the formula.

Smashbox Brow tech matte pencil £16.50

This is definitely my favourite pencil out of the bunch which is so typical as it's the most unaffordable. The pencil is so tiny and I find I can get a really precise brow with it which I love. I also find that the colour is pretty much perfect for my brows as it's just dark enough without them looking overly unnatural. The formula isn't waxy at all which is something else I look for in a pencil. I feel like this would be a very similar but easier to get hold of version of the Anastasia brow wiz.

Maybelline Brow satin £5.99

Out of the three drugstore pencils this is my favourite. Like the Smashbox one it has a very fine point. In terms of the shade it is a little lighter than the Smashbox one and just slightly cooler. However I did find that one of these pencils lasts barely anytime at all. I also really don't understand the paint of the powder on the other end as I find it has very little colour payoff and when on the brows it is barely detectable. In terms of shade range this one is also super limited and I'm pretty sure there are
only 3 or 4 shades to choose from.

 Left to Right Mua power brow pencil and highlight, Soap and glory archery tint and pencil, Smashbox brow tech, Maybelline brow satin pencil and powder.

Moving on from pencils I have a little mismatch of all other kinds of brow products.

Nyx eyebrow Gel £5.50

This is a pretty new product to me but one I've really been enjoying. I had heard so many good things about it so the last time I was in Manchester I headed straight to the big boots to have a good swatch at the counter. One thing I will say with this is that the shade range is rubbish (I'm sensing a theme here) There were four shades on the counter three of which were very warm, very dark browns in the end I settled for Brunette which was the coolest toned not black shade. I find it's still a little to warm and just a little to dark so I have to be super careful that my brows don't end up looking like I've taken a sharpie to my face. In terms of formula this stuff isn't going anywhere. I've worn it to the gym and it didn't even budge which I was pretty impressed with.

Anastasia Dip brow - £15.00

Finally one of the products that I have mentioned today that doesn't have a rubbish shade range. I will say however be careful when picking which shade you get. I like my brows dark but I picked up the shade medium brown and I feel like it's still a little dark and also a little warm. Despite this I've been using it a lot (just very carefully) as I absolutely love the formula. It stays put and it's super easy to work with as it isn't stiff as I was expecting it to be. I completely get why people get are so obsessed with this product.

L'Oreal Brow artist plumper - £6.99

This was something that I bought before I got Gimme brow and I do really like it. I find the wand is possibly a little bit but otherwise I think it is a really lovely drugstore product. It does a good job of keeping my brows in place and making sure I don't have any escapee hairs. I also like to use it on the days I am not wearing much makeup just to add a little bit of definition to my brows.

Benefit Gimme brow - £18.50

Now I really like the L'Oreal one but this one is 10x better. The brush is much smaller meaning that application is much neater. I also find in terms of wearing it alone the fibres in this add a lot more to the lashes and the pigment is a little more obvious. I think that the L'Oreal one is a perfectly good alternative however if you are a lover of brows and have the price range then I would definitely say choose this one over the L'Oreal one.

Left to right - Anastasia Dip brow, Nyx Brow gel, L'Oreal brow artist, Benefit Gimme brow.

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  1. I love this post! Brow products are such a weakness for me. I'm absolutely dying to try dip brow, and I've heard the ABH powder has really good reviews too! I colour my brows black to match my hair but the archery pencil sounds perfect for light makeup days!


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