Sunday, March 20, 2016

Beauty ¦ Urban decay x Gwen stefani eye palette

I swear when I opened this on my birthday my heart actually skipped a beat. I know that literally everyone is talking about this collaboration at the moment but look how beautiful it is. Today I thought I would stick my oar in and review this for you guys because I mean I'm sure there needs to be another review of this palette on the internet! So without further ado lets get into it.
So starting of the packaging one thing I really love is the fact it's so sturdy and also very pretty at the same time. It is quite heavy which I really wasn't expecting however I feel like it's one of those palettes that will be pretty much be indestructible. In terms of quality the shadows are exactly what I would expect from Urban decay they are beautifully pigmented and blend like an absolute dream. A couple of the glitter shades have got some fall out so if that bothers you (it personally doesn't bother me)  then maybe consider that before picking this palette up. So lets move onto the shades.
Shades from left to right
Blondie - This shade is the more subtle highlight shade in the palette, it's a beautiful shimmery gold highlight shade which I have been using under my brow bone and in the inner corner.
Bathwater - This one is a super intense pale gold shade which makes for the perfect super dramatic highlight shade as well as a nice pretty shimmery all over the lid shade.
Skimp - This one is a almost matte highlight it contains a little bit of shimmer however once on the eyes the shimmer is almost undetectable as it is so fine. I love using this one with the matte shades in the palette for a very almost matte look.
Steady - I think this shade is my favourite out of the entire palette. It is the most beautiful light rose gold shade with lots of warm tones. It looks so metallic on the lid and it looks incredible with a darker warm tone in the crease (like makeup geek Cocoa bear) or a burgundy brown shade (like Punk in this palette)
Punk - This one is the first matte shade in the palette, it's a beautiful burgundy red-y toned shade which is the most beautiful crease shade for a darker look.

Baby - This is a really metallic pin shade with silver shimmer in it. This is one of those perfect super simple shadows which work so nicely just swept over the lid.
Anaheim - This is the coolest of the three matte shades in the middle of the palette. It's a very basic shade but one that is really useful as both a transition shade and a subtle crease shade.
Stark - This one is a matte peachy light brown, I've been really liking using this one over the lid with either Anaheim or Zone in the crease for a very subtle matte eye look.
Zone - This is the final of the three basic matte shades in the palette, it's a really beautiful medium chocolate brown which I've been using a lot as a crease shade as it's perfect for adding lots of definition without making the eye look to dark.
Serious - This one for me was one that I wasn't sure i'd love however it is so pretty and I have been using it quite a lot of the very outer parts of the lid. Its a stunning grey shade which has lots of coloured shimmer in it. I haven't had chance to use this in a smokey eye yet however I feel like it's going to be incredible.

Pop - This one is the most incredible pressed glitter the swatch above really doesn't do it any justice. It's a stunning light peachy shade that is absolutely packed with silver glitter particles. It looks incredible pressed all over the lid in the centre to add a little glitter to the look.
Harajuku - This one is not a shade I think I will ever use, it is a medium bright Barbie pink with silver shimmer in it. This one is definitely for the braver girls out there!
Danger - This again was on I didn't think I'd ever touch however I really love it. I've been using it under my lash line for a slight pop of colour. It is an incredible deep blue shade with a metallic finish.
1987 - This one is the most insane true gold shade which reminds me of a shadow I got in a magazine when I was about 11. I'm pretty sure I'm probably never going to use it however it is still incredible quality.
Blackout - This one is just the typical matte black shade in the palette. I don't really know what to say about this one!
So that's it for today's post I hope you enjoyed this! 


  1. Need this palette in my life the shades are so pretty and look so pigmented! :)

    Lotte |

  2. I got this for Christmas & I really love it! xx



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