Friday, October 17, 2014

Guest post - Autumn makeup look.

Hello there lovely people, today I have a guest post from the lovely Natalie. Today she's going to be showing you and autumnal inspired makeup look I hope you enjoy. 

Today I was inspired by a couple of autumnal elements—leaves and boots. Here in New England the leaves have finally started changing color, and they are simply beautiful! The shape of a leaf inspired the outer, hard black corner of the eye. The center is a blended brown with chrome undertones. 

The boot bit is sort of weird. I got new boots at Clarks, and I loved the black-brown blending in the boot itself. So, rather than go for a golden or reddish-based leaf, I thought a brown-black leaf would look more modern.  

I used the Naked 2 Palette to create this look, but something very similar could be created from almost any brown-black palette. The important part is to not blend the dark brown up to the crease. Rather, leave it a quite hard line to make your eyes look leafier. Don’t forget to put eye shadow primer on—even though it’s not longer hot, random fog and misting can ruin your makeup.

I skipped blush for this look and opted for some light contouring with a powder two shades darker than my skin tone. This look is definitely better for the evening—it’s a bit much for the daytime unless it’s dark and dreary out. Blush would have added unnecessary color to my face and drawn attention away from my eyes.

Leave your lips natural for this look, but don't go nude. I’m wearing a gloss that’s essentially the same color as my natural lips. Going too red would make the whole look very painted-on looking, which isn’t ideal. A bright pink or purple would also be too overpowering. Pick a feature and stick to it!


Natalie is a beauty and lifestyle blogger. Her blog is and you can follow her on Twitter at @NatalesM

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