Monday, October 06, 2014

The Big Blogmas Project 2014

Today is a very exciting day as this is the 400th post I've published for this blog. That's a lot of rambles. So if you've been with me since post one or post three hundred and ninety nine I just want to say a massive thank you! In other exciting news I'm once again launching the Big blogmas project! 

So as the very exciting festive shadow looms over us I have decided that this year I am bringing back the Big blogmas project. I had so much fun getting everyone involved last year that I wanted to do it again. Last year there were no topics and everything became a little difficult to manage. So this year I have decided that there will be set topics. It will work fairly similar to how it did last year. The posts will go up and will then be tweeted/instagrammed/facebooked using #Bigblogmas2014. All the post shared on twitter will be retweeted by the twitter for the project which is @BBlogmasproject This year I'm also going to be running it for the whole of december rather than just up to christmas eve. If you'd like to get involved leave your name, twitter handle and email address in the comments or email me at

I hope to hear from some of you! If you have any more questions let me know and I will be happy to answer them!


  1. I have already had a few emails about this project, so do you need me to re email you?

    Pams Stuff and Things

  2. I would love to get involved with this, my twitter is LAbeauUK and email xxx

  3. ooo I'd be up for this, my email is @kariss_leigh

  4. I'd love to be involved. I'm over at @clairebellalove

  5. Hi Nicole I'd love to join. My Twitter is @dawnsleeperblog and my email address is

  6. Absolutely love this idea & would love to join, I'm Jessica, twitter is @absolutelymade and email is

  7. I would love to join if it's not too late. I'm Sym and my twitter is @Symbear3 and my email address is

  8. This sounds awesome! I'd love to get involved! My name is Beverley, twitter: @beverley_xo email: xx


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