Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The cream of the crop

I love cream products, I find them so much easier and quicker to work with than powders. Today I thought I'd show you some of my favourites.

So I'm going to kick it off with the Topshop eye crayon in mystical which I think may be discontinued (Which makes me very sad) I won't talk to much about this, but it is a really beautiful colour and lasts for such a long time. If topshop ever re-promote these I highly suggest you give them a go.  

You are probably all so bored of me talking about this product but I just had to include the Maybelline On and on bronze. This is my favourite cream eyeshadow I own. It lasts for a really long time, the colour is beautiful and the pigmentation is amazing. I find this one to be the creamiest of the four shades I own, which I would usually put that down to age but this was the first on I bought. The only thing I dislike about these is the limiting shade range. We need some more neutrals over in the UK! 

The Gosh Forever eyeshadow in Grey* Was something I received in my gosh festival kit and I really like it. It can be really smoked out or used really lightly for a silvery sparkly wash of colour. This doesn't last as long as the Topshop or the Maybelline but when worn with a primer I have no issues with creasing. 

Rimmel Stay blushed liquid cheek tint in Pop of Pink was something I wasn't sure of at first but now I love it. The consistency is very strange, it goes on beautifully over un-powdered foundation but tends to go a little patchy on powdered skin so it's definitely not designed for an oily girl. The colour is very beautiful and blends out to leave a very subtle dewy flush. 

MAC's Bare study paint pot is my favourite eye base at the moment as the colour is so sheer it goes under all my shadows completely undetectable. This one is also really pretty just swept across the lid on a minimal makeup day. 

If you are a regular over here you will know I have a small (Read that as very large!) obsession with the Topshop cream blushes. These are so easy to work with and blend into the skin so seamlessly. The shade selection isn't the largest but I think they pretty much have everyone covered. These are well worth a try especially for the bargain price of £7.00. 

From left to right - Topshop Mystical - Maybelline On and on bronze - Gosh Grey - Rimmel Pop of pink - Mac Bare study - Topshop Morning Dew and Flush.


  1. Love cream beauty products. Lovely products, too.
    X sjoukje -

  2. i love the topshop cream blushers and the maybelline colour tattoos xx

  3. Mac's Bare Study looks like the most perfect cream eyeshadow I've ever seen. You've made me want it so bad! I need some more money, haha!

    Lyon Notes


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