Friday, August 08, 2014

Link Love #1

Are these not just the best looking brownies you've ever seen, I also love the fact it isn't going to cost the price of a small house to make (I'm looking at you Green and Blacks) I'm a big fan of Rosie's blog and it's well worth a follow. 

I love Laura's blog and thought this post was a really brilliant idea and made me look through my blog. It also contains her very pretty looking Mac palette *Sighhh*

I have fallen head over heels in love with this skirt Motel rocks, as usual Em looks fabulous and the pictures are amazing. I'm also very jealous she got to go to Jamaica! 

There seems to be so much pressure in the blogging world recently and I think a lot of people will have needed this post (I know I did) I think we end up forgetting what we are blogging for sometimes because there is so much pressure for us to churn out posts full of outstanding content and professional level photography. When we sometimes want to have a rant and use Iphone photos! If you haven't read this post I highly recommend you do! 

To end on a more light hearted note, I laughed rather a lot as it is so true. I bet a good 70% of us can say we've hid in a corner to try and take pictures of our coffee/preferred beverage of choice before. If your looking for an easy post to read this is the one! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, leave me some links and I will check them out and they might even make it onto the next link love! 


  1. I love this type of post - I might just have to a wee steal of this idea if you don't mind if I ever come across a little stumbling block. A monthly review on my favourite bloggers? Awesome idea.
    Your blog is so lovely! I'm jealous.
    A couple of your fave links are also some of my favourite blogs too :)
    Rebecca xxx

  2. I think its so important to show love for other people's blogs :) well done you! What a lovely idea!

  3. I laughed so much at the last post. This is literally me. I can relate to that so much. Thank you for sharing it!
    xx Lisa

    Following Lisa


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