Monday, August 04, 2014


If you follow me on twitter you may have seen me tweet a few *Read that as a lot* times about the Manchester Bloggers meet on Saturday the 26th of July. A big thank you to the lovely Lucy  for hosting the event it was brilliant. 

So I headed into Manchester with Alice and Emily  on the train and we had a cheeky starbucks while we were waiting for Kariss . We actually found the Milton Club fairly easily and as we were stood outside, we met Jess . When we went in we couldn't quite believe how fancy it was, It even smelt fancy! It was the post beautiful place but unfortunately they had very yellow lighting so all my photo's were awful. We then met Jen and Anita . We did a round of Blogger bingo and then went on to design a T shirt for rock and ruby above you can see our ummmm... Masterpiece? 

We all had an amazing time and once again a big thank you to Lucy and all the brands that put into the goodie bags. I just hope I can get onto the October list now! 


  1. Blogger meet ups seem so much fun. I wish I wouldn´t live in freaking Narnia, so I could go to one as well.
    xx Lisa

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