Sunday, April 13, 2014

This week... #1

I had my braces tightened and oh my they are so uncomfortable. I now have elastic bands as well so they are a bit difficult but I'm just about used to them. 

I fell in love with frozen, I can't quite believe it has taken me this long to watch it. It's such a fabulous film!

I had my hair cut, I wanted a change so I decided to go for a fringe and I really like it.

I baked an apple and sultana upside down cake and it was delicious, the recipe will be up soon.

I picked up the sleek showstoppers palette and it really is a beauty. I am in love with the green and peterol blue shades. 


  1. i love your hair cut!
    suits you so well

  2. I had to have bands put on my braces when I had them. They are so strange at first but you get used to them quickly! Just think about the end result of amazing teeth! Also your hair looks lovely! A fringe really suits you x

    Mapped Out

  3. Your hair looks great! and I like the look of that Sleek Palette. Looking forward to a review!

  4. Your new haircut looks lovely, the fringe really suits you!

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  5. Your hair looks amazing! I miss having red hair! I also haven't watched Frozen yet, need to get on that! xx


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