Thursday, April 03, 2014

#2014Bloggerchallenge - Photo challenge

I love photography and I spend half my life on instagram, so when I got the email through to tell me about this topic I was really excited. I've decided to do an instagram diary, now this is written a couple of weeks ahead so this is a little bit early but I thought I'd show it you anyway.

1. An outfit from the Manchester bloggers meetup, which I am completely in love with. 

2. A cheeky little selfie from the bloggers meet up. I'm wearing Rimmel Kate Moss matte lipstick in 110 which I really like. 

3. Lush sweetie pie shower jelly is probably the most fun shower product in the world. It also smells delicious, oh and it's sparkly! 

4. Lush Bubblegum lip scrub tastes amazing and really works. 

5. A couple of spring lipsticks.

6. Some cheeky lipstick purchases from my trip to the Trafford centre.

I hope you enjoyed this post, 
Cole Xo 


  1. Where is your skirt from in the first picture? It's lovely!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. Love your outfit, when was the Manchester bloggers meetup? I really need to keep a closer eye out for them as I really want to go to one!


  3. I seriously love your hair colour! x

  4. I really love your bag where is it from i'm on the hunt for a new black bag! I love the Lush Bubblegum scrub to it tastes so good! …Oh and works well too x


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