Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Revlon matte and lacquer balms. Worth the hype?

From left to right...  Lacquer balm in vivacious. Matte balms in Unapologetic, Showy and Elusive. 
All £7.99

Swatches from left to right. Vivacious, elusive, showy and unapologetic.

Oh my I am in love.
I'm going to start with the lacquer balm as I only have one.

This is such a beautiful colour, these are so lovely and moisturizing and they leave a glossy finish on the lips. These don't last as long as the matte balms (About 4-5 hours to be precise) I find they apply smoothly to my lips all the time, even if they are quite chapped. 

Moving onto the matte balms, these are my favourite of the two as the colours are a bit brighter and they last longer. I'm so impressed with these as they are matte yet still moisturizing. 

The first shade I have is Showy...

This one is the most perfect mix of a blue toned pink and a purple. It reminds me a little of a more toned down version of Mac up the amp. 

The next shade is Unapologetic...

If I had to pick a favourite I think this would be it. It's somewhere in between a coral and a pink and I just love how bright it is. 

The final shade I have is Elusive...

This is the shade I bought because of the hype, everyone seemed to be talking about this shade and I had to pick it up. I've really been loving this one for everyday. 

I find the matte balms to last somewhere in the region of 6-7 hours depending on what I do and how much I talk! 

Overall I love these so much, if you haven't tried them yet then you should! 

Cole Xoxo


  1. These look so lovely!


  2. Definitely wary of matte lips given how dry mine are but I've heard such great things about these. That purple/pink is so gorgeous! Perfect spring shade!

    sjmcdf.blogspot.com xo

  3. I really enjoy these and they are not drying on the lips in any way, and the matte effect is soooo pretty :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  4. They all suit you so much, especially Unapologetic and Vivacious! I'm tempted to get one now that you've said they're moisturising, I was worried the matte ones would just show every dry bit of my lips :S

    Ellie xx | http://theleobeauty.blogspot.co.uk

  5. Oh I love the look of these and have been eyeing them constantly! xxx

  6. These look so nice. Showy looks especially beautiful on you! I can't wait until pay day so I can grab some! The only hard thing is going to be picking what colours to get.

    ♥ Kristen // www.everybeautytalks.com

  7. Lovely colours, these sound so great!x

    Lauren Evie

  8. They look absolutely stunning on you! Especially the purple toned one. I must get one this pay day!


  9. Lovely colours, the purple one <3

  10. All the shades suit you soo much...yeah..m gonna grab these super soon now :) thanks for sharing doll <3 <3

  11. I love the matte balms so much! My favourite from the collection I have so far is Elusive, but after seeing Showy in this post I really want to get that one too - I think I'll probably end up with them all except the purple one haha! xx



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