Thursday, March 27, 2014

#BOBblogchallenge Week 8 - Favourite Beauty blogs

Hi lovelies, 
Today I've got the final Best of beauty blog challenge post for you. Apologies for not posting last weeks but I really had nothing to say on the topic so I decided it would be better to just skip a week than force a rubbish post. That being said I'm so excited for this weeks topic, I hope you enjoy this post. 

So there is so many fantastic blogs out there but these are some of my favourites, I was wondering if you guys would enjoy a monthly post like this so you could see what I've been loving reading. 

Onto today's post as I mentioned these are in no way all of my favourite blogs!

The first blog is Autumn leaves 

Autumn leaves is written by the lovely Rebecca it's the perfect mix of beauty and blog advice. She also has some amazing post ideas. Her photos are stunning and set out so there not to busy or to bare.

The next blog is Pennies for a pound.  

I love Naomi's blog as it almost feels like she is just stood in front of you chatting away. Her blog has a very casual feel to it. 

If I'm thinking about buying pretty much anything I like to check if Sophia has reviewed it. I love how detailed her reviews are and I just generally love reading her blog.

Next up is Adaynasaur.

Can I first just comment on Dayna's blog name, is it not just the cutest thing ever. I love the mix of posts on her blog, I also really like how her reviews are nice and short yet still packed with information. Dayna's blogs just a good all rounder really. 

The final blog for today is Georgia Louise beauty .

Georgia's blog is such a lovely mix of beauty and fashion, her OOTD pictures are stunning and her blog always feels really welcoming. Her posts are super detailed and read as though she puts so much hard work into them. 

So guys I hope you check some of these blogs out, I'd love you to let me know what our favourite blogs are! 

Cole Xo 


  1. thank you so much for the mention! glad you like it! xx

  2. I've found some lovely new blogs now thanks to this post, I think a monthly post like this is a lovely idea, something I might do too cause it's so nice to share the love ;)

  3. Oh, I haven't heard of some of the blogs but definitely going to check them out, they look fab!!

    alex @

  4. Lovely blogs, I love finding new blogs to read so will be checking these out! Thanks for sharing xx

  5. These blogs look great, definitely going to read them soon. X

  6. Sad this is over. See u around for some 2014BloggerChallenge posts ;)


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