Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lush lip scrub - Reviewed

Lush bubblegum lip scrub £5.50 //Here//

Oh my I actually have no idea how I lived without this! I suffer from very flaky lips and this has worked wonders. It also tastes absolutely delicious and smells divine. I've found that not only does this sort out my lips at the time but it has also left them in a much better condition over time. 

I highly recommend picking one of these up as they are so effective. 


  1. I love this product so so much, it was perfect in the winter time!

  2. It's an amazingly yummy lip scrub - definitely my favorite out of the range :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. I've always wondered about this product because I have chronic dry and chapped lips but every time i've gone into a Lush store I've gone straight out again because it's so overwhelming for those of us who don't really shop at Lush. I might man up and go buy it considering it seems to work so well for you.

  4. This stuff is so good. I have exactly the same one and it tastes good enough to eat! xx

    Mapped Out | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  5. I love the Lush lipscrubs. I have the Popcorn scented one and I love it though it has my enemy coconut in it. It tastes so much like Popcorn, it is almost uncanny and it makes my lips feel incredibly soft afterwards.
    xx Lisa

  6. I love this product actually just did a review on it last week on my blog. Overall such a nice product! :)
    Tanja Mortensen

  7. So many people talk about this, think I need one in my life! xx


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