Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The palette that no one will stop talking about

Move over Naked palettes as I think that there might be a palette which is more popular than you.
Oh damn this palette is everything I have ever dreamed of and more, once again I was behind on the hype however now I have it i'm with everyone else raving about it. So without further ado lets get on with my review. The shadows are incredible, so pigmented and creamy and blend like an absolute dream. Both the matte and the shimmery shades are equaly as stunning.

Tempera - This is the best all over the lid shade, it's a very slightly peachy shade which is just perfect for cancelling out any discolouration on the eyelids.

Golden Ochre - This is a good all over lid shade but also works as a really nice light crease shade. It's a warm orange brown which is one of my favourite shades in the palette it's just a perfect basic shade which is a fab addition to the palette.

Vermeer - A shimmery pink which makes the perfect lid shade for a halo eye. This is just one of those perfect throw on shades and pretty much any colour in the palette works beautifully in the crease of it.

Buon Fresco - This is a gorgeous pinky purple crease shade which also works beautifully as a transition shade for a pink smokey eye.

Antique Bronze - The second shimmery shade in the palette, this is a bronzey pink shade which looks fab as the lid colour for a bronze smokey eye.

Love Letter - This is 100% my favourite shade in the palette. It is an incredible deep matte pink and I'm pretty sure that it is the one I have used most so far.

Cyprus Limber - This is a deep brown with purple undertones. I don't dislike this shade however I do find that it isn't quite as easy to blend as some of the other shadows in the palette.

Raw Sienna - Another brilliant basic shade, this reminds me a lot of Makeup geek crème brule but it is definitely a little darker. This is another one which makes a really good crease shade.

Burnt Orange - This is similar to Raw sienna, it's a little darker and has more orange to it but they are definitely in the same family.

Primavera - This is the other light lid shade in the palette this one is more peached toned but has a similar depth of colour to Vermeer.

Red Ochre - This is the best shade for smoking out any look done with this palette and is always the colour I reach for if I want a liner shade. Unlike most burgundy's it has more of a red tone rather than the typical pinky purple tone.

Venetian Red - This is like Love Letter's deeper sister, it has that same bright pink tone to it however it's almost a little more neutral as it is closer to black.

Warm Taupe - This is the only super grey toned shadow in the palette. I do like the fact they added this one in here as it make the palette more versatile however I personally haven't touched it however I'm sure I will in time.

Realgar - The final shade in the palette is a gorgeous deep red shade. This has a brown tone but it doesn't overtake the red when blended out like so many shades like this are.

So that's it for today's post I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. I don't often wear eyeshadow but these shades are so beautiful, they look so soft and pigmented.

    Alice | alicemaysnell


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