Friday, April 14, 2017

A NYX haul

I feel like it's been a while since I last did a big NYX haul so I thought I would share with you the bits and pieces I have picked up recently.

Starting with base products I picked up the dark circle concealer which is a peachy toned corrector. This is a really nice fair peach shade which doesn't show through my base makeup like so many do. I find that this does a really good job of cancelling out my dark circles leaving me looking nice and awake. Next up for my face I got the Matte bronzer, this was actually a birthday present and I am a really big fan of it. It's a fairly warm toned bronzer which does a beautiful job of warming up the face and even on my pale skin it doesn't lean to orange. The final face bit I picked up was the Dewy setting spray which I have heard so much about this. You don't get any extra lasting power from this however it does a beautiful job of taking down any cakiness or dryness on the skin.

Matte Bronzer, Dark circle concealer.

Moving onto the eyes I picked up two more of the vivid brights liners, the first one is the orange which is called vivid delight and the second one is vivid sapphire which is a cobalt blue. I then decided to pick up four of the hot singles shadows in the pan form. I also picked up the four pan palette to put them in. I love the shadows but I am really not a fan of the palette. I'm going to swap the shadows out into a Z palette I think as I just find it very un-travel friendly.

Shadows in Sin, Gumdrop, Bad seed and Wild Orchid, Liner in Delight and Sapphire.

Finally I picked up some bits for lips. I bought a couple of the Lip lingerie's first off I picked up bedtime flirt which is a beautiful pale pink nude shade and I also picked up exotic which is a terracotta nude. These are so beautiful, I've heard a lot about them drying people's lips out however I find these really comfortable on the lips. I also picked up the lip liner in Natural which is something which so many people talk about. It is a gorgeous light nude which works so beautifully with pretty much all lipsticks. Finally I picked up an Intense butter gloss in the shade Chocolate crepe. I love these intense glosses they are beautifully pigmented whilst still looking beautifully glossy. These are definitely my favourite for a glossy lip. This shade is a beautiful medium brown pink nude shade which is beautiful for everyday.

Chocolate Crepe, Nude, Bedtime flirt, Exotic.


  1. I love NYX products especially since they are now sold in Boots, I am always eyeing up something new! I love the setting sprays and their eyebrow products.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  2. I really want to try the bronzer it looks lovely! Xx

  3. I love NYX so much! Those shadows look amazing.
    A Sparkle Of Grace


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