Saturday, May 21, 2016

Beauty ¦ Sleek Matte me lip creams

I love a good matte lip cream and these are no exception. These are definitely my favourite drugstore under £5 liquid lipstick. The fact that they have also just released another 6 shades makes me a very happy gal. The shades I currently have are the very hyped Birthday suit which was one of those colours branded a Kylie Jenner nude and the very spring esque Petal.

Birthday suit is a really beautiful browny pinky nude which is one of those that works perfectly with basically every look ever. This is one of those shades that I find myself reaching for on a very regular basis and one that has made a fair few appearances on my blog. Petal is a much lighter baby pink shade, however it isn't one of those super blue toned Barbie soft pinks. It has quite a rosy undertone making it a stunning spring/summer shade without it being to pale.

In terms of formula these are hands down one of the best that I have tried. They dry down super matte however they don't feel at all drying on the lips. They don't have that slightly tacky feeling that some liquid lipsticks have when they dry down which is something I personally really like. In terms of lasting power these are pretty incredible, I really would like to try one of the darker shades just to see how wear time compares however I find that these are absolutely fine to eat and drink with and I get a good 6 hours out of them before they really look like they need reapplying. I really like the simple packaging as it is easy to see what shade you are using (and they also look nice when you photograph them #bloggerlife)

The only thing I'm not 100% sold on is the applicator, I personally prefer a curved applicator as I just find it makes it much easier to apply the lipstick. The straight wand does have a little flexibility so you can move if to fit the lips a little however I would definitely prefer it if they had a more curved wand or even just the traditional doe foot applicator.

Overall if you love a good liquid lipstick I would definitely recommend these. I am definitely going to be purchasing some of the new shades next time I get the chance to swatch them.

Left - Birthday suit Right - Petal


  1. Petal is such a beautiful shade!! <3 Lovely post

    Amelia |

  2. These look really lovely, the shades are right up my alley :-D x

    Makeup, Beauty & Fashion

  3. I've recently purchased one of these too! I'm so glad i've finally seen someone that isn't a huge fan of the applicator too! The wear on these though is great!

    Kate | Beautiboe x


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