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Beauty ¦ Miss sporty Insta glow collection and mini reviews

So today I thought it was about time I shared the new Miss sporty spring/summer releases with you I am honestly so in love with the entire range and I'm super excited to be talking about it.
So lets start off with the base products the Insta glow primer £3.49* is a really beautiful pink toned radiant liquid which gives the skin a beautiful light glow without making it look too shiny or disco ball-esque. The shimmer is incredibly fine and doesn't look obvious. In the press release it does mention using it as a highlight which I did try however for my taste (Cheekbones that blind people when the sun them) it was a little too subtle however if you were looking for something very subtle it does look lovely.
Moving onto the Insta glow foundation £3.49* first off I need to say that I am incredibly impressed that Miss Sporty have created a foundation that is pale enough for us ghost girls however in terms of darker shades the range lets it down. The formula of this is really lovely the texture is incredibly sticky and on first swatch I wasn't sure whether I would get on with it however I'm actually really impressed once blended all that stickiness is gone and once it's on it sticks around. In terms of finish it's not a glowy foundation like I expected it's that perfect looks like skin foundation. Overall I'm really impressed with this one and at £3.49 you really can't complain.

Moving onto the colour in the collection there a two shades of the Insta glow bronzer £2.99* and 4 shades of the Insta glow blush £2.99* . Both bronzers are shimmery but incredibly subtle so as long as you use them with a light hand. The two shades also make really lovely shadow shades as the lighter shade (Sunkissed blonde) has a golden tone to it and the darker shade (Sunkissed brunette) has a really lovely olive tone to it, they aren't something that I'm going to wear on a daily basis as I prefer a bronzer which sits in between gold and olive however I imagine I will really enjoy them in the summer.
Moving onto the blush shades I think there is a really nice mix. I find a lot of really budget brands miss out on some staple shades in their collections however I feel like Miss sporty have really nailed these shades. I think my favourite has to be Luminous beige which is very similar to Benefit Rockateur. That being said I have worn all four shades multiple times and really enjoyed them.
Finally for this collection there are a couple of new basics products the Studio lash Dark lasher mascara £2.99* is a really lovely budget mascara don't get me wrong it's nothing to shout about from the roof tops however it both lengthens and adds volume so if you are looking for a really budget mascara I would suggest giving this one a go. The Nail expert 3D gel effect top coat £2.29* is a nice top coat however it didn't quite cut it in terms of adding that gel effect I am going to be honest and say I was a little disappointed however I have been wearing actual gels for the past couple of months so to then go back to normal polish perhaps didn't help.

From left to right - Sunkissed blonde, Sunkissed brunette, Luminous beige, Flushed pink, Glowing mauve and Shiny coral.

From Left to right - Primer, Foundation shades, 001, 002, 003, 004.
So that's it for today I apologise for the length of this post! If you feel like I've missed anything out of this post that you'd like to know feel free to leave a comment.
All these products will be on counter on the 21st of February!
Cole xo

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  1. These new products look really interesting, Miss Sporty isn't a brand I normally run to but I might have to check these out, especially the blushers.

    alice ♡ // beautybyalicee


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