Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Life ¦ This week... #2

So the first half of this week involved me spending a hell of a lot of time in my dressing gown and relishing in my last couple of days of holidays. I also managed to end up in A&E on the 1st of January after I tried to break my foot. This week also welcomed the launch of my youtube channel which I am definitely excited about that so expect a new video every Wednesday. This week I also made a big Makeup geek order and finally got to try their shadows which I am in love with so expect a very positive review soon!
 I hope you all had a lovely week let me know what you've been up too this week.


  1. Aww no sorry to hear about your foot hope it's getting better! How exciting that you've taken the plunge to start YouTube I'll definitely subscribe! That makeup geek order looks amazing can't wait to here your reviews.

    Lucy |

  2. Love your MUG haul! Hope your foot is okay! xx


  3. Ooh looking forward to watching your upcoming videos :)

    Claire | xx

  4. Look forward to having a nosey at your Makeup Geek eyeshadows! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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