Monday, January 11, 2016

Life ¦ Flamingo candles melt crowd - January

So unless you've been living under a rock recently you'll have probably heard everyone talking about the Flamingo candles melt crowd box. For £10 a month you receive 8 wax tarts. I personally really love this idea and this is my second box and I'm just as impressed as I was with my first. I think it's a brilliant way to try out new scents which you wouldn't typically pick out so without further ado lets talk about what's inside.
I'm going to end on a high note so I'm going to mention the only one I do not like first Whiskey it's a very heavy intense scent when I opened the box it was all I could smell. It smells very similar to whiskey without that alcoholic scent to it. The rest of the melts in the box I really like Crystal mountain water and Pink denim are really fresh scents which I would have in no way picked out usually however I am really loving them, Baby powder does what it says on the tin and it literally smells so similar to baby powder I'm kind of amazed.
Cinnamon and Mandarin is a beautiful warm cinnamon scent with a little bit of a sweetness to it from the mandarin. I do feel like if you have trouble with candles giving you headaches this one is likely to cause you trouble. Also from the BARE range is Orange and lemongrass which is just the most beautiful fresh citrusy scent. It is just so perfect for after a little bit a cleaning spree.
Finally we have the two sweeter scents in the box, in my opinion coconut is much more like vanilla coconut and is an incredibly sweet scent. Although I do really love it I feel like I'm probably only going to be able to burn it for a very short amount of time. So the final scent in this box is Strawberry jam which smells identical to the Body shop strawberry scent which is one of my all time favourites. I cannot wait to burn this one and it will definitely the first one I burn out of this eight.

Do you get this subscription box? I'd love to know your opinions.

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  1. Oh these scents all sound amazing! I've never tried Flamingo Candles and I'm always intrigued, each of these scents sound like I'd love them. Though I'd worry about them giving me headaches if they're so strong.

    So tempted to give them a try some time soon.

    Sarah xo // See The Stars


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