Friday, October 30, 2015

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So I thought it was about time that I updated my makeup collection. This time I've decided that I'm going to be super in depth and I'm going to spread my collection out over 7 days. I just want to add a little disclaimer that I am in no way shape or form bragging I love makeup collection posts and videos and I wish that more people did super in depth ones. If you would like to know my opinions on any of the products in this post let me know in the comments and I can either link you to my review or give you a quick opinion in the comments.
If you missed it here is Part 1 and Part 2

I didn't actually realise before I took these photos how many palettes I actually have. I keep my most reached for palette in a set of two Muji drawers which I keep on top of my dressing table and then I keep the rest of my palettes in my Malm dresser in the stodja cutlery trays.

I have a good mix of high end and drugstore palettes however I do tend to reach for my high end palettes more often as I just find on the whole they are better quality. Some of my favourites include Urban decay Naked one, Urban decay Naked basics, Stila in the light, Nars virtual domination and my Mac quad. However I do still love my drugstore palettes and I reach for the Revlon photo ready primer shadow and sparkle kits, the Collection eyes uncovered and my Sleek vintage romance palette all the time.

Despite the fact that I love 99% of the palettes in my collection I do tend to use the same ones all the tame and I tend to neglect a couple which are really amazing like the MUA hall of fame palette, The Balm Balm voyage and my Illamasqua aura palette.

So that's it for today come back tomorrow for my powder eyeshadow collection.



  1. I love the Stila In the Lights palette, its gorgeous!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

    1. It's something I use a lit I especially love the shade sunset for this time of year! x


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