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So I thought it was about time that I updated my makeup collection. This time I've decided that I'm going to be super in depth and I'm going to spread my collection out over 7 days. I just want to add a little disclaimer that I am in no way shape or form bragging I love makeup collection posts and videos and I wish that more people did super in depth ones. If you would like to know my opinions on any of the products in this post let me know in the comments and I can either link you to my review or give you a quick opinion in the comments.
If you missed it here's Part 1

So today's post is all about the cheeks I'm going to be talking about all things bronzer, highlighter and blush. I've always been a lover of blush however bronzer is something that I've only recently (I'm talking in the last year ish) discovered as I was always terrified that it would make me super orange.
However it is something that I now use everyday and I couldn't be without it.

Just like my base products I keep these products in my Malm dresser stored in the stodja cutlery trays from Ikea.

So starting off with Highlighters I have mini's of both the Benefit liquid highlighters. I love both of these and I would happily pick up the full sizes however these mini's seem to be lasting forever. I also have the Beauty UK Blush in Halo which is such a stunning highlighter I find that it doesn't have enough colour to use it as a blush. Seventeen's bronze block in pink bronze is something that I don't reach for as often as I should however when I do I think it's beautiful. Finally for highlighters I have the Sugar box face stick in 01 which is something I got from Born pretty and is something that I don't really have much of an opinion on it's ok but nothing thrilling.

Next up we have single bronzers I use the L'oreal glam bronzer a lot however the other three tend to get neglected bar the L'oreal one all of these are completely matte. I love the Bourjois bronzing primer however I find that in the winter it's a little to dark and a little orange. The MUA bronzer and the NYC smooth skin bronzer are both nice for the price. I find that the NYC lacks a little in pigment and the MUA is a little powdery.

Finally for bronzing and highlighting I have my contour kits. My favourite out of the three is definitely the Sleek contour kit it's the perfect shade for pale skin although I still find it works for me in the summer when I am tanning. Barry M's contour kit includes a bronzer as well as the contour powder and the highlighter. I love the contour powder as it's super ashy and it leaves a super natural finish. Finally I have the Seventeen contour kit which I am not the biggest fan of it's okay however it's not something I ever reach for.

I love a good cream blush as you can probably tell my favourites out of this bunch are probably the Topshop cream blushes and the Illamasqua cream blushes. I don't tend to reach for the Stila convertible colour or the Maxfactor cream blush as I find that they can be a little bit sticky. I love the shades in the Sleek blush by 3 palette however I find it's just not something I reach for often. Finally for cream blushes I have the Rimmel stay blushed liquid blush which I like however I find that it tends to move around the makeup underneath and the P2 blush stick which in all honesty I'm not sure I've ever used.

Rimmel Santa rose was a super hyped product in the blogging world and I find myself reaching for it when I want a neutral cheek. I also really love the Catrice illuminating blush for a natural look as it also adds a little bronze. The Essence blush is really bright and I absolutely love using it in the summer. Both the Collection blush block and the Catrice defining blush add fairly subtle flushes of colour however I do find that they are less natural than the Rimmel and the Catrice illuminating blush. The Catrice is a little peachier and the essence is a little more pink however they both leave a beautiful glow on the cheeks.

Natural collections blushes are by far my favourite budget blushes at £1.99 they really are lovely. I was gutted when the Accessorize makeup line was discontinued however I have read that they have re-launched however I'm not sure if they have re-launched the blushes this shade adds a beautiful pinky glow. Mac blushes are something that I wasn't sure about however I do really like this shade and the formula. The Maxfactor Cream puff blushes are meant to be brilliant dupes for the Hourglass ambient lighting blushes (which I haven't tried) this particular shade which is Gorgeous berries is perfect for this time of year. The Essence Come to town cream blush is similar in texture to the Maybelline bouncy blushes however I do find that it has a better pigment. Finally we have the Clinique cheek pop. This is by far he prettiest blush I own I love these and I definitely want to try more shades.
That's it for today!



  1. Lovely collection! I love the Clinique blushes!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  2. The Sleek blush trios are so good, but like you, I always seem to forget to reach for them!

    The Beauty Locker

    1. I don't even know why I don't reach for it as they are so lovely. x

  3. Such a great post again! I love bronzer recently and I never used to, as I thought the same as you, but how wrong were we. and how good does it look on? Looking forward to the next post! :)

  4. What shade is your Catrice Illuminating blush? I have the shade "I am Nuts about You" but it seems very glittery and not terribly pigmented.

    1. Mines the shade I'm nuts about you to! Perhaps yp got one from a bad batch? x

  5. I love having a good nosy at what products people have so this post was right up my street :) I actually swear by the Seventeen contouring kit, but maybe that's because I haven't tried the Sleek one?

    Claire | | xx

    1. You so need to try the sleek one it's fab x

  6. I love Clinique's cheek pops! I have the same Sleek blush palette and definitely don't reach for it enough xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | Zoeva Giveaway

  7. sleek cheek products are something I really need to invest in!
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

    1. They ae lovely I need to invest in some more! x

  8. Great picks! The essence blush up is one of my all time favourites! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle


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