Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lifestyle ¦ Baker days letterbox cakes

 Baker days letterbox cake £14.99 //Here//

Some mums are super hard to buy for so when it comes to mothers day it's not so easy to get her something that she's going to love and that is a little bit original. That is where baker days come in! You can surprise your mum/other important women in your life with one of theses cakes straight onto her doorstep. I wasn't sure if the cake was going to get here in one piece and I was a little bit skeptical however the cake arrived in perfect condition and it was very well packaged. Onto the actual cake it was really delicious it wasn't overly sweet which was what I expected. It was really moist and overall a really tasty cake. 

There are so many patterns to choose from and there are some that can be personalised with text and photos. In the box came a packet of love hearts, a little card and the cake in this really beautiful pastel tin. Baker days don't just offer letterbox cakes, they also offer larger cakes and small cupcakes //Here// The cakes stay fresh for 14 days and they can be delivered the next day if you order them before 2pm. You can also design your own cake if you don't like any of the designs. 


  1. This looks like such a good idea I can't Believe the cake arrived in one piece!

  2. ooo I love Baker days cakes!
    I never thought to get one for Mothers day. Thanks for sharing

  3. Love the idea :)

  4. Omg that is so cute =]


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