Sunday, January 11, 2015

Beauty ¦ Nars Virtual domination

 Santa did pretty good this year. I asked my nana and grandad for this and I can't quite believe they managed to get it. I practically screamed on christmas day. I mean just look at it, the outer packaging is stunning and feels really sturdy and expensive. In previous years the christmas palettes from nars have had 6 products in but I quite like the fact that the bronzer is twice the size it actually means that you get more laguna than you would if you buy a full size. That would set you back £27 before even thinking about the blushes so its a pretty good deal for £45. Packaging aside lets get on to what you really want to hear about! 

Miss liberty is a super glittery highlight. If you are in the market for a nice subtle everyday highlight this is not for you. It's a gorgeous peachy shade but in all honesty I do wish that it had a little less glitter. The other two permanent shades are Deep throat which is my favourite blush shade out of the palette it is a really pretty muted corally pink shade with gold glitter in it and I am just so in love with it. I think I was probably most excited to finally be able to try Laguna it's not overly orange and despite it having a little bit of shimmer in it i've been using it for contouring as on the skin the shimmer is not detectable on the skin. The two limited edition shades are Sex fantasy which is a really subtle matte pinky lavender shade which I wasn't sure about when it was in the pan but on the skin I really like it. The final shade in the palette is Final cut is the other matte shade and its an amazing peachy coral. These matte shades are both beautiful, not overly powdery, have amazing pigmentation and blend into the skin beautifully. 

From left to right - Miss liberty - Sex fantasy - Deep throat - Final cut - Laguna 


  1. Its a really nice pallet, such beautiful shades.
    You was very lucky to get it for christmas - what a lovely present

    Gemma x

  2. How beautiful is that palette!!

  3. Such a good granny and grandad you have

    Danielle Mac

  4. It looks lovely. The palette is gorgeous! X


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