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Beauty ¦ The Balm - Balm voyage palette

I won this in a giveaway from the lovely Georgina over at Makeup Pixi3 months ago but I just never got around to blogging about it. I've actually been using it quite a lot recently so I decided I would review it for you. 

So the lowdown, Balm voyage contains 16 eyeshadows and 3 cream blush/lip colours. I like the fact that the palette is set out like a plane and the fact that the colours are all numbered like plane seats. The eyeshadows are really lovely quality, the shimmers are on the whole really creamy and they aren't overly glittery. The matte shadows are a little chalky but overall they are really lovely and they blend really nicely. The creams are a little to drying for the lips but I really like them on the cheeks they blend nicely into the skin and don't feel tacky or sticky on the skin. Also another little note is the fact that I really like the fact this palette has two flaps so the cream products don't end up full of eyeshadow dust (Is that the right term?) I'm really impressed with the pigmentation of the shades and i've found that there are no dud shades in the palette. Wear wise I find the cheek stains last pretty much all day and the eye shades wear between 7-9 hours. 

As you can see on the bottom of the packaging there are some little look ideas which are also plane themed (Oh The balm I love your co-ordination) 

Left to right - Second officer, First officer, Captain 

Second Officer - is a cool toned blue based red. When on the cheeks it is a beautiful sheer raspberry shade which lasts a good 9 hours.
First Officer - is a medium peachy orange. When on the cheeks it leaves a beautiful satiny peach flush. Again it lasted on the cheeks for around 9 hours. 
Captain - is a beautiful medium plummy pink. On the cheeks it leaves behind a muted rosy shade and last for around 9 hours.

Left to right - A1, A2, A3, A4 

A1 - is a beautiful soft pink tinged mauve shade. The pigmentation of this shade is really strong and the shadow itself is soft and buttery in texture. This is definitely on of my favourite shades in the palette. 
A2 - is a bright purple shade with cool pink undertones and a frosty finish. Not a shade I would personally wear on my eyes but beautiful none the less. I found this one to be quite chalky in texture making it lack a little in the pigmentation department. 
A3 - is the most amazing bright silver shot white with a fairly metallic finish. This shade is so buttery and has a seriously amazing pigmentation. It makes a beautiful base for a smokey eye. 
A4 - is a gorgeous blue shimmered grey black with a satin finish, once applied it doesn't appear as shimmery in the pan. I've found the texture of this shade to be a little dryer than some of the others. One of the lesser pigmented shade in the palette but still beautiful.

Left to right - B1, B2, B3, B4

B1 - is a light beige with warm undertones. This shade is completely matte and is the dryest out of all the matte shades in the palette. It's very dry and I find it very messy to work with as its so chalky. Despite the fact that its hard to work with it makes a brilliant base shade and I've found myself reaching for it regularly.  
B2 - is a very soft minty/sea foam green with a frosty finish. This shade has a really lovely texture and packs a nice amount of pigmentation despite it being a fairly pale shade. Again not one I will ever wear on my eyes but if you're into bright shades this is stunning. 
B3 - is a greyish mauve with cool undertones. This really reminds me of one of the shades in the Naked basics 2 palette (I don't own it but I've seen so many swatch and review posts) I really like the matte finish shadows in the palette but it is a little chalky however the pigmentation is still good. 
B4 - is a dark brown with silver shimmer and a sheeny finish. I've found this one to be one of the creamier shades from the palette and I've been loving using it as my crease shade.

Left to Right - C1, C2, C3, C4

C1 - is a very pale white gold with a frosty finish, it has nice pigmentation but is a little powdery however not of the scale of B1. 
C2 - is a blue based teal with a mostly matte finish (although it does contain some bluish shimmer which becomes barely visible once swatched) Pigmentation of this shade is amazing and it is probably the creamiest of the matte shades. I wish had the confidence to wear this shade as it's gorgeous. 
C3 - is a medium yellow toned brown with a matte finish it has really lovely colour payoff and it is most definitely the creamiest matte shade in this particular palette. 
C4 - is a very reddy brown (It's come out much more orange than it is in the swatch above) with really large bits of silver shimmer. This one was a little bit dryer than the other shadows in the pallette and it feels quite dusty. I think out of all the shades this is the one that I was most disappointed with.

Left to Right - D1, D2, D3, D4

D1 - is a bright yellow gold with a metallic finish. It feels very soft and buttery however the pigmentation is not so good. I really dislike this shade (It's the only one in the palette that I don't like) in my opinion it makes me look like I have some sort of eye disease.  
D2 - is a peachy pink shade with beige undertones and a slightly metallic finish. This one reminds me a lot of a slightly pinker version of the Maybelline Colour tattoo in pink gold. The texture of this shade is incredibly soft and buttery and it packs a real punch in the pigmentation department.  
D3 - is a light beige gold with tiny particles of silver shimmer. It has a gorgeous metallic finish and is one of the shades that I have been reaching for a lot. It has a really lovely creamy texture with really good pigmentation. 
D4 -is a medium dark green with warm brown undertones with a tiny bit of olive shimmer. I love this shade and it's one I've been reaching for fairly often (It looks absolutely amazing in the crease of a gold shade like Urban decay half baked) It's super pigmented and is one of the creamier shades in the palette. 


  1. Fab post, I’m in love with the packaging - so cute! The colours of the palette seem lovely and really wearable :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  2. Great review with a lot of thought, love the swatches :)

  3. What an amazing prize you won!!! This palette looks fabulous and is lovely from the shades to quality! Can't wait to see you wearing it on a look soon :) xx

    Mary Bloomy

  4. WOW those colours are crazy pigmented! Remind me of Too Faced! On my list!

    Lucy x


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