Monday, November 18, 2013

Oh look another Maybelline Baby lips review.

As if you really needed to read another baby lips review, but here you are so you may as well get to the end now. I really don't understand the hype around these, I mean don't get me wrong the packaging is cute and they smell fab. But that really is about it!

Pink punch..

As much as I wished I liked this I just can't I find the colour completely washes me out and makes me resemble a ghost. The only plus is that it smells like a tropical punch. I don't mind popping it on over a lipstick to add more colour but in terms of using it for moisturizing purposes it's pretty useless.

Apologies for the state of my chin!  

Cherry me...

This is the one that I prefer out of the two that I bought, this one smells even better than the pink one. I love the smell of cherries more than anything, I also quite like the colour that this one gives but I would never wear it on it's own but I quite like putting it on top of darker pink and red lipsticks. Again its moisturizing power is pretty much non existent! 

Overall I don't think I will give in to the hype again if we do get some more colours over here in the uk. 

What do you guys think of the Baby lips? 


  1. Lovely review !! I love baby lips :) pink punch is my favorite go to color :) i have not tried cherry me ...will get it next time i will go to groceries LOL. xoxo

  2. Great review! Have you tried the Baby Lips Dr. Rescue? I think they are great!


    1. No you can't get them over here in the uk xxx

  3. That's so disappointing to hear, think I'll give these a miss

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    1. I would personally but so many people love them so they might work for you xx


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