Sunday, November 03, 2013

Brand interviews - Polka dot tea pot

Hello lovelies,

 Today I'm going to be interviewing the lovely Laura from Polka dot tea pot. Here's what she had to say.... 

 I'm a 22 year old Fashion Studies graduate, whose been out of university for a year now. I run a craft/jewellery/fashion business called Polka Dot Teapot (inspired by my love of tea and polka dots!) which specialises in producing unique and personalised items for any style or occasion. I also have a personal blog


Why did you start polka dot teapot?
 I started Polka Dot Teapot because when I originally came out of university, the only fashion jobs available were ones that required at least 2 years experience and the only way to get this experience was to work as an unpaid intern. So I decided I would create my own business doing what I love, and gaining experience at the same time. 

 Do you hand make your items? 
 Yes all of my items are handmade, other than the customised skater dresses, which are bought in, then hand customised.

What your favourite item you are currently selling? 
 My favourite items at the moment are my customised skater dresses, as they are so much fun to make, and I love creating designs to suit peoples styles and shapes etc. I also love the classic message in a bottle necklaces, I make.


What's your style like? 
Do your pieces from your shop reflect this? I don't really have a particular style, someday's I like to wear vintage style tea dresses, and sometime's I'll wear leggings a shirt and biker boots. I'd say my pieces generally reflect the quirky vintage side of my style. 

 What inspires you when picking/designing your products? Anything and everything, pintrest is a big inspiration for me, I love seeing what peoples boards on there. Also I read a lot of fashion and beauty blogs. 

 So that's it I hope you enjoyed this interview, 

I'd love for you to check out laura's links!


  1. I really enjoyed the interview, inspiring x

  2. I love the necklace in the first photo. Will certainly be checking out the etsy page :)



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