Friday, September 04, 2015

Life ¦ Foodie friday - The German candy post Part 2

So I'm back again with another German taste testing post. Today I've got another four sweet treats to talk to you about.
 So first up we have Yogurette which are little bars of super smooth chocolate filled with a creamy strawberry flavoured filling. I really like these, because the filling is yoghurt based it has a slight sharpness to it meaning that it isn't sickly, these are really yummy and I imagine that small children would absolutely love them.

These are pretty much identical to our Jaffa cakes however I find that the jelly in them has a little more orange flavour and there is also a little bit more than there is in our Jaffa cakes. The base is a little sponge-y and a little biscuit-y exactly like English Jaffa cakes.

This was so delicious. A beautiful white chocolate which balanced beautifully with the tartness of the smooth lemon filling. Once again like the yogurette the filling made sure that it wasn't to sweet. This was a super summery flavour and I really enjoyed eating it.

I think this has been my favourite Ritter sport flavour I've ever tried. The milk chocolate was beautiful and sweet and the vanilla filling inside didn't add too much more sweetness it just added another layer of flavour. This bar contained extra mousse so the texture was really obvious which I absolutely loved! 


  1. I love all jaffa cakes so those sound great, especially since they have a bit more of the orange flavour :)

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  2. They all sound great! Thanks for sharing

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  3. I love German food, especially German cakes and chocolate! Ritter Sport is one of my favourites, and I also love Kinder Schoko Bons which are finally available to buy in the UK

    1. Germany are super lucky when it comes to sweets! x


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