Friday, July 31, 2015

Life ¦ Foodie Friday - Graze box #2

So my last Graze box post went down so well I've decided to do another one. If you haven't read my first post yet it's //Here//
My first comment on this box has to be the packaging! It's so adorable and summery and I absolutely love it. I presume this is just the summer box design that is getting sent to everyone but I love the fact that they have changed it up a little to fit the seasons. Enough about the packaging lets get onto the contents.

Hot pepper Jam with Multigrain soy rice crackers - 67 calories per punnet -
I have to say I think this was my least favourite of the 4 snacks I tried. The jam was lovely it had a slight sweetness to it and just enough heat from the chilli's however I wasn't a big fan of the rice crackers. I usually love rice crackers but I found these to be very bland which would have been fine so they don't overpower the jam however I found that they had a really strange aftertaste which wasn't pleasant. I think this will be one of my binned snacks!
Tuscan pesto kern pops - 125 calories per punnet -
I was a little dubious if this one as I wasn't the biggest fan of the barbeque kernels in my last box however these were completely different. The cheese flavour wasn't to overpowering and I found the kernels were slightly more popped than the ones in the hickory barbeque snack. The little basil breadsticks were super crunchy and delicious without the flavour taking over the kernels.
Black pepper pistachios - 109 calories per punnet -
These were something I was like ok these will be nice but nothing to exciting but I actually ended up loving them. There is something so satisfying about getting pistachios out of the shells. These were slightly salted but most of the flavour came from the black pepper. I wasn't expecting the amount of flavour I got, they had a slight heat to them but nothing to over the top.
Sour cream and garlic crostini - 133 calories per punnet -
This was my favourite snack from this box. Cashews are possibly one of my favourite foods ever and the fact they were sour cream flavoured just made it even better. They weren't flavoured overly heavily so the natural flavour and sweetness of the cashew was still detectable and balanced out the saltiness of the flavouring beautifully. The garlic crostini were so crispy and I really enjoyed them the flavour of garlic once again wasn't to overpowering.
So that was my latest Graze box do you enjoy foodie Friday posts?


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