Friday, May 08, 2015

Beauty ¦ Rimmel Scandal eyes eyeshadow pencils

A couple of people commented on my April favourites (//Here// if you haven't seen it yet)  last weekend saying how much they liked the look of these so today I thought I'd put up my review with some swatches.  
I'm having a bit of a cream eyeshadow moment, I love the convenience and the fact that there is just no worry about creasing. The fact that these are sticks just makes life even easier. These aren't the first shadow sticks I've tried but they are definitely the best. They are really creamy without being slippy and they blend like an absolute dream. I love to wear the darker shade (Bad girl bronze) really blended out for a super simple smokey eye. It's an amazing mix between a copper and a coffee brown shade, it's also amazing for smudging along the lower lash line. The other shade I have which is Bluffing is the perfect everyday natural taupey shade which I've found myself reaching for a lot in the past month.
I love the fact that these aren't packed full of shimmer, they are more metallic. As for lasting power I got a good 7 hours without an eye primer and no creasing at all for an entire day when wearing a primer (Urban decay primer potion for reference). Packaging wise the lids fit on well and don't fall off in a makeup bag or in my draw (One of my biggest pet peeves) The only thing I would say is I wish they were twistable instead of needing sharpening.
Overall I really love these and I highly recommend them especially at the bargainous price of £4.49
If you have any other cream shadow recommendations I'd love to hear them! 
Top - Bad girl bronze Bottom - Bluffing 


  1. I picked one of these up recently and absolutely love it! Really like the look of buffing, so pretty! xx

  2. these sound amazing and the pigmentation is so good! plus you can't beat the price - bargain! x

  3. I need to buy cream eyeshadow but I didn't know which one too chose. I'm definitely going to check this one out. Especially this lighter shade. xi

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    1. These are a really good place to start! x

  4. i like the light/gold one, those are my favorite eyeshadow colors
    The Color Palette


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