Sunday, December 07, 2014

#BigBlogmasproject2014 - The Christmas wishlist

I love a good wishlist some people don't but for me personally I love reading about what people are lusting after. I hope you enjoy this post! Let me know what you want for christmas in the comments. 

I adore River island jeans they fit me like a glove and they are so comfortable. The Lana's are by far my favourite fit as they are Superskinny and high waisted. 

Gossip girl is one of my all time favourite tv shows I mean Chuck Bass (droool) 

I'm having a little black boot obsession at the moment and I've fallen for these I haven't actually got a pair with gold detailing so that's how I'm justifying popping these on my list! 

So many people talk about this and I've wanted it pretty much since I started blogging. I neeeed it in my life! 

Is this not just the brush set of everyones dreams. It's so damn pretty. I've heard so much about these and how high quality they are. 

This palette is just gorgeous and the fact that it is only £35 is just such a bargain, i'm also super intrigued by the eye primer as it's something that Vivianna does makeup talks about all the time! 


  1. My friends gave me the zoeva brush set for my birthday on Friday and it is AMAZING!!

  2. I'm getting the Zoeva brushes for christmas and i'm so excited!
    Emma xo |

  3. I'm adding the brush set to my wishlist right now!

    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination


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